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    14 February 2011 at 12:37:11 #804131

    I forgot to add additional questions.
    Can I use swiss card from Geneva airport to area hotels in geneva and Geneva to Lucerne,Lucerne to Interlaken and back to Geneva fro m Inter laken? I am reaching Geneva on the 6th morning and coming back on the 11th.Should I go ahead and buy 1st class or 2nd class Swiss card

  • Annika
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    15 February 2011 at 14:55:39 #832213

    Hi supriya. You can indeed use a Swiss Card, but according to may calculations a Swiss Half Fare Card would be cheaper. This is because a Swiss Card offers a free round trip from the airport or border station to a destination in Switzerland, and back from any destination to an airport or border station. On all days in between, a 50% discount applies, just as with a Swiss Half Fare Card. Because of this, the Swiss Card is more expensive than the Swiss Half Fare Card. This means that a Swiss Card is economical only if your inbound and outbound trips are long and expensive, and in your case they are not. If you want to start using your Swiss Card immediately, a short trip within Geneva would count as your free inbound trip. And even if you would start using the pass when travelling to Lucerne (thus counting Geneva-Lucerne as your inbound trip), it’s still more expensive than a Swiss Half Fare Card.

    If you still decide to purchase a Swiss Card and start using it when travelling to Lucerne, there are other ways to travel economically in Geneva during the first few days of your stay. Many hotels offer a Geneva Transport Card to their guests, which allows free travelling by public transportation within the Geneva area. Please refer to our Geneva hotel page for more information. The Swiss Half Fare Card offers 50% discount on urban transportation as well, but you could still use this Geneva Transport Card when sightseeing in Geneva.

    The difference between first and second class is explained in our rail FAQ.

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    20 February 2011 at 18:37:45 #832214

    As my wife and I bought a Swiss Card to travel from Geneva Airport to Lauterbrunnen near Interlaken and return at the end of the holiday I can say the extra expense to travel 1st class is unnecessary.I was pleased I’d chosen to go 2nd class as the trains are very clean and comfortable and very punctual.The only advice I can offer is to do your homework regarding train times and platform numbers,I did’nt and ended up going to wrong platforms and dashing about with 2 full suitcases which was very tiring for a couple in there 70s.
    I wish you a wonderful holiday and I’m sure the beautiful sights you will see will draw you back as it has for us .

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