How to enjoy the Swiss Alps on a limited budget?

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    11 December 2011 at 0:19:34 #804796

    Hello everyone, I came to this forum searching for help. Next year, a couple of friends and I are going to Europe for a month. We’re on a tight schedule to see an X amount of cities, and I really want to see the Swiss Alps, but we’re all college students and we don’t really have a lot of money – we’re basically going to go with just enough euros to survive.

    If we’re just going to take one day, it’s not really convenient to buy a rail pass, is it? I take it the area around Zermatt must be the most beautiful one, but I bet it’s pretty expensive, right? Is there any route relatively cheap that will allow us to at least get a glimpse of the beauty of the Alps?

    Thank you for your time! 🙂

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    12 December 2011 at 14:36:35 #834538

    Hi Meech, welcome to the forum. You should look for a destination that’s close to the border as to minimize travel costs and the duration of the trip. Depending on where you’ll be coming from, this could be Bern, Thun, Lucerne or Interlaken if you’re entering from the north, Geneva or Zermatt if you’ll be arriving from France, Brig/Zermatt if you’re coming from Italy, St. Moritz if you’re coming from Austria, and so on. All the towns mentioned do offer a glimpse of the Alps (Lucerne, Interlaken, Zermatt and St. Moritz being close to the mountains). The next step is to calculate your travel costs and see whether a Swiss rail pass is economical. If you’ll be traveling large distances, a Swiss Transfer Ticket or Swiss Half Fare Card may still be worth your money, even if it’s for one day. You may qualify for city-to-city supersaver tickets too.

    I hope this gets you started! Feel free to come up with any other questions. Best regards,

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