Christmas sleigh rides, paragliding, Matterhorn

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    7 October 2015 at 1:29:28 #808012

    Hi there

    We are planning a holiday this christmas in Switzerland and there are a few things on list we would like to do, can anyone suggest where we could do the following –

    have a husky sleigh ride and where the best region to paraglide for a scenic view?

    We would also like to visit murren for the excursion to Schilthorn-Piz Gloria as well as visit Vermatt for a view of the matterhorn. Which would you suggest for the best view – taking the cable car to the highest station for the view or taking a cog train to gornergrat for a view of the matterhorn? Or can we do both one after the other?

    Would I be able to accomplish this in 7 days?

    Many Thanks

  • Arno
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    8 October 2015 at 5:38:32 #846427

    Hi EDS1989,

    Welcome to MySwissAlps! Dog sledding is not very common in Switzerland. I think it was discontinued in Zermatt recently, and it was discontinued on the Jungfraujoch some years ago. There’s still an option at Glacier 3000, and probably a few others. Paragliding is wonderful in any mountainous region, including Mürren and Zermatt. You can best contact one of the agencies organizing this, e.g.:

    I prefer the Gornergrat for a view of the Matterhorn. Sunnegga offers a good view as well. Klein Matterhorn is wonderful, but you won’t see the Matterhorn like you see it on the pictures. You can cover two peaks in one day in Zermatt, as it’s all close together.

    Most importantly: you’ll be visiting Switzerland in the busiest week of the year, so I’d recommend to book hotels quickly. Some hotels may require a minimum stay of 3 nights or even a week. Please see here for suggestions. If you need help with accommodation, feel free to open a new topic and include the number of travelers, budget, location and dates.

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    8 October 2015 at 10:28:28 #846428

    Hi Arno

    Thank you for your reply, I tried searching for dog sledding in Switzerland but the only place I found was Muotathal in the Schwyz region.

    I will take your advice and book hotels in advance as I have found that the dates and hotels book up fast. I was going to paraglide from Klein Matterhorn as I assume the view of matterhorn would be amazing. Did you suggest paragliding from Gornergrat as you see the Matterhorn from a distance which is a better view compared to flying from Klein Matterhorn where the view is not as great because you are quite close?

    Do you know if it would be convenient to travel to Mürren from Vermatt as we would like to visit Schilthorn 360 degree restaurant?

    Do you know if a family Swiss pass will cover the cost of the train journey? Does it also cover ski lifts by any chance?

    Many Thanks

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    9 October 2015 at 1:01:36 #846429


    Especially when you start to use the timetable metable

    to help organize your trip, you will find that the name is “Zermatt”


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    9 October 2015 at 6:02:48 #846430

    Hi EDS1989,

    I meant the views from the locations you’ll reach by cogwheel train and cable car. I don’t know what the views from the air are like, but indeed you’ll be closer to the mountain when departing from Klein Matterhorn.

    You mean the Swiss Travel Pass, right? What’s included can be found here: swisstravelpass/ validity. Ski lifts are not included. The best places to buy can be found here: swisstravelpass/ price.

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