Itinerary help for 5 day trip at the end of June

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    22 April 2016 at 0:04:12 #808973

    I’m travelling with a friend (we’re both mid-20s) to Switzerland at the end of June. We’re staying in Zermatt on June 21-23 and Lausanne on June 23 – 26. We might take day trips to Montreux, Broc village and Geneva while we’re in Lausanne. Based on what I’ve planned so far, I think it makes sense to get the Half-fare card. I’m looking for help planning activities and with travelling between each place.

    Here’s the itinerary so far:

    Tues June 21:

    • Land in Geneva 11am
    • Travel by rail to reach Zermatt around 5pm
    • Any recommendations for dinner and activities in the town in the evening?

    Wed June 22:

    • Hike along Gourmetweg trail to the restaurants around Sunnegga for lunch
    • After lunch, hike towards Blauherd before going back to town
    • If we purchase a one-way lift ticket, is it only valid going up the lift? Or can we use the one-way ticket at the top and descend instead?

    Thurs June 23:

    • Paragliding in the morning
    • Maybe visit Gornergrat after lunch or other suggestions for things to do
    • Travel by rail to reach Lausanne around 5-6pm

    Fri June 24:

    • Travel from Lausanne to Bloc village to visit the chocolate factory
    • Are there any recommended sights and attractions in Bloc village?
    • Travel from Bloc village back to Lausanne to explore the city and visit the cathedral and historic sites
    • Any recommendations for activities in the evening? It seems like we’ll miss the local music festival by a few days. Are there any night markets? Or malls and department stores that are open late?

    Sat June 25:

    • Trying to decide on booking a city tour for Geneva for the morning and then taking the train to Chillon castle in the afternoon and walking to Montreux for dinner – will this day be too busy to enjoy it?
    • Or boat trip from Lausanne to Chillon castle around lunch time and walking to Montreux to explore the town and have dinner
    • I’m unsure if CGN is offering boat trips on this date because I’m unable to select dates after June 18th on their site. Do they operate boat trips after June 18?

    Sun June 26:

    • flying to our next stop from Geneva

    Any suggestions for improvement and travelling tips would be appreciated!



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    Hi DP, thanks for joining us!

    The Swiss Half Fare Card will probably be a good choice indeed. If you want to make sure, you’d best make calculations as explained here. Information about the Swiss Half Fare Card, including a validity overview and purchase options, can be found here.

    Here are some answers to your further questions:

    • you’ll find lots of restaurants in Zermatt. The Zermatt tourism website provides tips;
    • I’m not sure if understand your question about the tickets to/from Sunnegga correctly. Prices for one way tickets, whether you’re ascending or descending, will be the same. Of course you can buy a one way ticket for descending from Sunnegga to Zermatt once you’re up there;
    • if you’re interested in the chocolate factory in Broc (not Bloc ;-)), you may enjoy the other chocolaterie there too. A visit to the hydroelectric factory is an option as well. And you may like the cheese dairy in nearby Gruyères;
    • unfortunately I don’t have much experience with Lausanne. Maybe other forum visitors have;
    • traveling to Geneva first from Lausanne, and then heading for the Chillon castle, would be a bit too much in my opinion. Combining a boat trip, the castle and Montreux makes more sense. Boats will definitely be available after June 18. The timetables that are available now will give a good impression of all connections and their timings.
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    Thank you, Annika! The links and information you’ve provided is very helpful!

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