June visit with kids

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    I am lucky enough to be visiting Interlaken for the month of June with my family which includes 3 kids the youngest of which is 8 the others are 12 & 14. We are fairly used to spending time outdoors including hiking and biking, the 8 year old could walk 10k without too much of a problem given breaks.

    So we want to do a lot of hiking and biking while we are there but I am having trouble narrowing down the best hikes. There are so many to choose from! Thoughts?

    Also, I am wondering what type of clothes will be needed for hiking In the area … We will have light hiking boots. Will jeans or pants and sweatshirts with hats and light gloves be enough or do we really need coats?


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    Welcome to the forum Diane! Great that you get to spend the entire month of June in Interlaken. I think you’ll love it! I can’t advise very well on biking tours, but I suggest you visit Veloland Schweiz for tips. As for hiking: if you plan to get up rather high into the mountains, be sure to carry waterproof (thin) coats on all hikes, even if weather forecasts are optimistic. Weather in the Alps can change rapidly and you don’t want to have your sweatshirts soaked during a sudden rain shower. Generally, carrying along several layers of thin clothes (like a shirt, a thin fleece sweater and a rain coat) works best. Hiking boots should have solid soles, providing support on rocky and sandy paths. Further tips are mentioned here.

    I’ll list some of my personal favourites for hikes in this area. They’re not necessarily suitable for all younger kids, so please study the descriptions carefully to decide whether they’re suitable for your children:
    Schynige Platte-First, considered to be a highlight in this region;
    First-Grosse Scheidegg;
    – (Wengen-)Wengernalp-Kleine Scheidegg, which could be followed by Kleine Scheidegg-Grindelwald;
    – a roundabout hike from Schynige Platte;
    Niederhorn-Beatenberg or Niederhorn-Waldegg;
    Engslitenalp-Unter dem Birg;

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