Lake trips in Luzern

  • Annika
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    23 July 2010 at 3:17:50 #831584

    Hi rohankayan! Most trips on Lake Lucerne are covered by the Swiss Flexi Pass. Please refer to the map ‘Overview of the network on which the Swiss Flexi Pass is valid’ at the Swiss Flexi Pass page. All white lines over Lake Lucerne indicate routes for which the Swiss Flexi Pass offers free travel on free travel days and a 50% discount on remaining days. For all regular round trips mentioned in this overview, the Swiss Flexi Pass is valid.

    As for the special cruises mentioned at the Lake Lucerne website: whether the Swiss Flexi Pass is valid here, differs per cruise. On the Villa and Castle Cruise, for example, the pass is valid. This is indicated in the PDF price document, which says that GA (“General Abonnement”, offering the same discounts as Swiss Passes/Swiss Flexi Passes) is valid. This should apply to all round trips in which the routes indicated on the map mentioned above are involved, without further extras.

    In case a cruise offers all kinds of extras, such as dinners and music, other rules may apply. Each cruise has its own PDF price overview in which terms and conditions are listed. To be sure, please ask for specifics when booking a specific round trip.

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