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    29 May 2012 at 12:39:20 #805350

    I have a couple of questions for our trip in September, that I hope someone can help me out with!
    Part of our trip from Lugano to Tirano, we would like to take the post bus, then from Tirano take (local) train to Poschiavo where we are spending the night.
    1. Should we make reservations on line for the post bus, using the Bernia site? We have ordered the Swiss Flex pass can we get a discount ordering on line? Do I need a code? When will we receive our passes? We ordered about 4 weeks ago.
    2. Would it be better to stay in Pontresina instead of Poschiavo? Any hotel suggestions? From there we are going to Zurich, should we take the Bernia Express or regional train? Is it worth getting off in Chur to look around or any other little city? When we book the post bus should we book the train part too?
    3. We are going from Zurich to Paris, CDG by TGV. What part of Zurich would be a great place to stay and be close to (which?) train station? Suggestions on a hotel and any restuarents? Book the train from Zurich to Paris on the sbb.chc site or the If thru the sbb site are the tickets mailed to my home or we have to pick up in Switzerland? I read that when I book my train going from Paris to Lausanne on tgv to use Great Britain as my base and can pick them up in France at any station, does that work with the Zurich-Paris using tgv?
    I appreciate all your help!!

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    Hello marino!

    • Yes, you can best book the Bernina Express online. This goes for bus and train sections. Just use the link that’s mentioned at the seat reservation page under the header ‘How to purchase your railway seat reservations’ or fill out your country of residence in the upper right corner there. If you use a free travel day on your Swiss Flexi Pass, you only have to pay for the reservations, as the trip itself will be for free.
    • You can plan your trips, and see whether scenic trains or regular regional trains are involved, by using the timetable.
    • When you will receive your passes, depends on the reseller you purchased from. Many of them only ship the passes a few weeks prior to your departure, so it may take a while. For specific questions on your order, you can best contact your reseller.
    • Personally yes, I would prefer Pontresina or a nearby town over Poschiavo. Hotels can be found here (click the link ‘Hotels in other Swiss towns’). That goes for hotels in Zurich too. We made a selection of Zurich hotels near the central railway station and the old town centre.
    • You can book TGV tickets from both websites. In most cases the SBB ships to your home address or allows you to pick up your tickets at a Swiss railway station. Just follow the steps in the order procedure to see which options are available.
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    10 June 2012 at 11:21:08 #836367

    We had a trip from Zurich to Paris by TGV last mth. You can buy the ticket from TGV web site and you ll receive an electronic ticket to board the train.
    We stayed at St Joef hotel which is a 10 minutes walk to the train station. The room was tidy and with breakfast and free Wifi

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    10 June 2012 at 11:29:44 #836368

    Where did you arrive in Paris? Which station? How long did it take? Thank you!

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