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    We shall be in Switzerland from 16-24th June. We have take the 8-day Swiss Pass . We shall be landing in Zurich and going to Montreaux immediately as the beginning of our trip. We are staying 2nights in Montreaux. We were planning to go to Chilon Castle on Day 1 and travel to Gstaad and be back to Montreaux on Day2. Please advise if above can be planned , I don’t have much idea on the time taken and whether we can return back on the same day. also could you pls advise if we can take the Golden Pass from Montreaux to Gstaad ? Do we need a separate ticket for Golden pass travel ? And lastly we wish to visit the Chocolate and cheese factory , pls advise which day should we plan and how to reach both the places.thanks

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    Welcome fo MySwissalps, Sushmita75! Let’s take a look at your questions. A trip from Montreux to Gstaad takes about 1h30, so you would certainly manage to visit Gstaad and return to Montreux the same day. Traveling times can be found through the timetable.

    You can make this trip with a Golden Pass train. Your Swiss Travel Pass covers the ride, but you may need separate seat reservations. Please check the Golden Pass page for details. You can travel by regular trains too; they cover the same route as the Golden Pass trains.

    The Cailler Chocolate Factory in Broc and the Cheese Factory in Gruyères are very close to each other and can be combined within one day trip. Both can easily be reached by train from Montreux in about 1h15 to 1h30. Enter ‘Broc-Frabrique’ as your destination in the timetable for the chocolate factory and ‘Gruyères’ for the cheese factory.

    I hope this helps you plan your stay in Montreux!

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