Need 2 days iternary for Interlaken-Lucerne-Zurich

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    21 May 2016 at 9:24:17 #809265

    Hey me n my wife are going to visit switzeland

    23 to 25 th of june interlaken

    25 to 27th of june luceren

    27 to 29th of june zurich

    We have confirm hotel booking

    1. Please suggest me cheapest way to reach interlaken from amstedam

    We have 8 days continues swiss pass travel

    2. We need suggestions wt to do in interlaken luceren and zurich

    Want to cover all mountain peaks n waterfall less interested in museums


  • Annika
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    21 May 2016 at 14:58:29 #852335

    Hi drsonupatel, welcome to MySwissAlps!

    There are lots of options for all towns you mentioned. I suggest you browse the “What to do” tabs on our Interlaken, Lucerne and Zurich pages and explore which day trips appeal to you.

    You’ll need tickets from Amsterdam to Basel. Please find information here. From Basel onwards, your Swiss Travel Pass will take over.

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