Trip report 2 Sept/Oct 2012 Wengen, Jungfrau

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    (Part 1 was on Beatenberg and Brienz)

    From Beatenberg, we took the bus down to Interlaken and caught the train to Wengen.

    The train from Interlaken Ost (I think) took us to Lauterbrunnen where we changed to another train up to Wengen.

    TIP: It was quite crowded on the way to Lauterbrunnen and if I am not mistaken, the train carriages split into 2 directions where halfway through the journey, some carriages head for Grindelwald and some to Lauterbrunnen. Assuming this is still the case, be sure you are on the right carriage for your destination.

    Changing at Lauterbrunnen was easy enough and as we headed towards Wengen, we were so taken in by the beauty of the alpine scenery and the ride was an excursion in itself. When we arrived at Wengen, we called them from the public phone (there was a board with all the hotels and the numbers to dial) and a cute little van came to pick us up (Wengen is a car “free town” so only certain vehicles are allowed).

    We really like this little town and am so glad we based ourselves in Wengen as we found it convenient enough to make our way the area especially to Jungfraujoch. We based ourselves for 8N at Hotel Alpenrose from Sept 25 to 3 Oct as we wanted to take our time riding all the cable cars, mt trains and soak in the alpine scenery. Having the 6D Jungfrau Pass was super convenient as we didn’t have to worry about buying tickets most of the time.

    The hotel has a lovely view of the Lauterbrunnen valley and we were treated to different scenes each day from the balcony (see photos). We were blessed with very good weather throughout our stay in Switzerland. with no bad or lousy weather to spoil our outdoor activities. The period we went wasn’t so crowded (mid Sept to early Oct) and we didn’t have problems finding any seats on the train.

    For our trip up to Jungfrau, it was a perfect day. As the train goes up from Wengen towards Kleine Scheidegg, the massive mountains and views are so magnificent and jaw dropping at times. On our next trip, we will spend more time enjoying Kleine Scheidegg since we won’t need to Jungfrau again.

    We changed trains at Kleine Scheidegg and headed for the top of Europe where it was very clear and crisp. When we arrived at Jungfraujoch, we headed for the platform looking out on the glacier and did a short walk – there was still a lot of snow around and with the blue sky above, it was perfect weather. We didn’t experience any altitude sickness at that point.

    After spending some time outdoors, we went into check out the indoors which was also pretty interesting as here were some exhibits and history, after which we decided to have a quick meal at the restaurant. For some strange reason, after the meal we started getting little woozy and tired whilst going up the stairs. It was the first time experiencing altitude sickness and we had to walk very slowly. Maybe the food digestion caused the blood to flow from the brain down to the tummy and we got light headed!. Haha. Thankfully it was at the tail end of the visit and it was time to catch the train down. So we decided to get to the station area earlier.

    TIP: On the way up to Kleine Scheidegg and Jungfrau, sit on the right side for better views.

    For the return journey down from Jungfrau, queue up earlier if you want to be sure to get a seat on the train.

    The trip to Jungfrau was worth every cent and we glad we went. There were so many mixed reviews on Tripadvisor and we are glad we made that judgement call. If you don’t have the luxury of massive mountain views where you come from, make the journey to Jungfrau on a day when the weather is good and if you can, go when you don’t get crushed on the trains with hordes of loud tourists. The views of the massive alps are worth it, in our opinion.


    Next Part 3: Mannlichen to Grindelwald Grund

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