Suggestion on Swiss rail pass for 6 days

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    Myself and my wife will be travelling to switzerland in June end. I need advise selecting travel pass so that I can buy after reaching the airport.

    My itinerary is below

    Day1 : arrive at Basel airport and travel to luzern.

    Day2: visit to engelberg , Mt titlis

    Day 3 : Explore Luzern and travel to Thun.

    Day4 : Explore near Thun – Interlaken

    Day5: Travel to murren. . Explore murren

    Day6 : travel to Basel airport from murren for return journey .

    Could you please suggest me which travel pass I should buy. I can see 2/3/4 or 8 days travel pass but my trip is for 6 days. Will Half price card suitable for me ?

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    Hi aniytl, thanks for joining MySwissAlps!

    Personally I would stay in Mürren for two nights, because it’s in the Alps and Thun isn’t. Thun is a very nice town you can visit en route. Also you can save some time by staying two nights in one hotel instead of changing hotels.

    As for the pass: the 8-day Swiss Travel Pass would work perfectly well. It’s the most convenient pass as you don’t need tickets for trains, buses, boats (e.g. Lake Thun) and most museums. Whether the one month Swiss Half Fare Card works out cheaper should be calculated.

    In either case there is no need to buy the pass or card at the airport. You can print it at home. That will save you the time of going to the staffed ticket desk with your passports. With a printed pass, you can take the first available bus to the train station of Basel, which you may miss otherwise. As you live in the UK, you can visit http://www.swisstravelsystem. After filling out your address, they will show the delivery options. Pick “Online Ticket” from the bottom of the list. They will e-mail the pass (no delivery fees), so you can print it at home. I’d recommend to do so in time as it takes 1 to 3 business days to receive the e-mail. Buying it today or tomorrow may save you money as the exchange rates may drop based on Thursday’s referendum in the UK.

    Enjoy your trip!

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