Swiss Travel Pass e-Tickets available online?

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    I am leaving from India on 9th to Europe. I would like to buy the swiss travel pass online and reserve seats on Bernina Express. Is this possible?

    Alternatively, can I make seat reservation on Bernina without buying a ticket or a pass?

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    I was able to make reservation on Bernina. However, I would like to buy and collect the Swiss Travel Pass (if possible with the 20% or +2 days free) offer in one day. I am living in Bangalore in India. Is this possible?

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    8 October 2015 at 5:47:05 #846432

    Hi Deepak,

    One can certainly print the Swiss Travel Pass at home. All the options are listed on the Swiss Travel Pass page: swisstravelpass/ price. The cheapest retailer currently ships the pass physically though. However, in your case you’re unfortunately too late for any of these options. Even the e-ticket (print at home option) takes 2 days to be processed and e-mailed. So you need to go to any staffed Swiss rail station and get your pass there. The promotions won’t be available there though.

    There’s one more option if you don’t go straight to Switzerland on the 9th: you can order through en and either have it e-mailed (choose “Online Ticket”) to print it when you’re already in Europe, or have it shipped to your hotel in Switzerland. These options only take a few days. Details are on the website.

    Enjoy your stay!

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