Transfer time in Zurich for train to Paris

  • Prasun09
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    23 September 2015 at 6:38:47 #807983

    Hi Arno

    I have to travel from lucerne to paris via zurich. Now after reaching zurich hb, I have around 9 minutes transfer time to board a tgv for paris. Its a morning train on 17th nov 2015 , I will reach zurich from lucerne by 9.25am and my train to paris is at 9.34 by tgv.

    so I want to know is 9 min transfer time enough to board another train. And by chance if our train reaches late and the paris tgv train leaves . Do I need to pay extra amt to board another train which is after 2 hrs on that day. Pls note we are purchasing 2 nd class inflexible point to point ticket and we Are not purchasing any Swiss passes.

    also if we purchase first class ticket will it help us to board another train free of charge in case we miss our train? So what do you recommend , we need to board this train as we don’t want to reach paris late in evening. Should be go for first class ticket or should be take another train which reaches zurich by 11.54 and gives 26 min transfer time.

    My another big query is since we are going from zurich to paris i.e. One country to another, Do we need to go for any immigration chk up at zurich station before we board the paris train???

  • Annika
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    24 September 2015 at 7:57:15 #846274

    Hi Prasun09,

    Nine minutes is enough to change trains. However, since you have a seat reserved on the next train, you can’t just board the next one with the same ticket. You would at least need to buy a new seat reservation. Your ticket conditions explain the options. Inflexible usually means that you need to take one specific train (as you have a reserved seat), and it may also mean it’s not refundable if you decide not to travel at all. Personally I would take an earlier train.

    Passport checks will be on board, not at the station.

    Have a good trip!

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    24 September 2015 at 8:07:23 #846275

    Hey annika

    thanks for the reply. I have another query regarding helicopter ride or paragliding fom mt pilatus. Are both these things available from lucerne in November. Can I book tickets for them on spot depending on weather condition. And can you tell me what’s the weather condition in November. Does it snow In nov. Also I ‘m reaching lucerne on 17th and leaving on 19th November, so can you suggest any extreme activity that is available in nov like sky diving or helicopter diving or any other thing which I don’t know.

    also does cogwheel train and cablecar work in nov???

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    24 September 2015 at 8:13:00 #846276

    Hi annika we are also planning where to stay in lucerne . Could you suggest any hotel which has good view of lake and mountain . View is a concern for us. Plus it has a good breakfast and half board option. We can afford to pay for 300 chf per night for 2 person sharing basis.

    also we saw that you can stay in hotel pilatus or hotel bellevue on mt pilatus. Should we consider these hotels, if fits our budget as well. Will be get a good view and snow up there during nov or fog???

    7004 posts
    24 September 2015 at 8:58:08 #846277

    Hi Prasun09,

    I posted an answer in your other topic too. Apart from that: I don’t know that much about extreme sports, but you could contact a local company like for more information.

    It may snow in the mountains in November, but not in Lucerne. Whether there is fog or snow or sun depends on the weather of the day. Hotel suggestions can be found here:

    I hope this was useful!

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