Wild camping in Niesen zone

  • Monitilo
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    19 May 2022 at 13:56:47 #827229

    Hello everyone,

    me and two more friend living in Fribourg, are planing a weekend trip for wild camping one night near some mountain top. To se de stars and the sunrise with the amazing views that this country have provide.

    We were thinking in going up to Niesen, is out of all the restricted camping zones and is easily to arrive taking the funicular. From there I want to ask if anyone knows a nice place were to put the tent.

    Information for another nice spots out of Niesen are also welcome, they will probably be use in the future 🙂

    Thanks in advance


  • Ildik_
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    19 May 2022 at 18:17:11 #942053

    Hi German,

    Wild camping is only allowed in the mountains above the tree line. Camping in nature reserves, wild rest zones and hunting ban areas is strictly forbidden. Sometimes rules vary by location/cantons, I recommend asking the local authorities.

    At http://www.myswissalps.com/campsites/wildcamping you can learn more bout wild camping in Switzerland.

    Sorry, I have no ideas on actual spots, I hope that other forum members will share their experiences.

    While hiking I often saw smaller tents. They usually put it to avoid the wind.

    Take care and have fun!

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    20 May 2022 at 11:03:02 #942054

    Hi German,

    I agree with Ildikó that it’s best to contact local authorities, as the exact rules can differ per municipality. You could try getting in touch with Lake Thun tourism (http://www.thunersee.ch/en), Frutigen tourism (frutigen-tourismus.ch/en/) or the operator of the Niesen funicular. You’ll find their website under “Information on other websites” at http://www.myswissalps.com/niesen/gettingthere.

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    20 May 2022 at 11:36:52 #942055

    Thanks for the answers!

    I contacted the local authorities, and the told me no problem with wild camping. Just to be away form the funicular station and rails.

    We gonna try find a nice place, and I will post back if we find something remarkable.

    5894 posts
    20 May 2022 at 13:49:59 #942056

    Hi Monitilo,

    It’s great that you managed to get a positive response from the local authority.

    Yes, do keep us posted about your wild camping trip.



    15041 posts
    21 May 2022 at 12:09:01 #942057

    Good to hear that Monitilo. If you have time, we’d love a trip report once you’re back: https://www.myswissalps.com/forum/tripreports. Many visitors are interested in wildcamping, so I’m sure they can learn from your experiences.

    Have fun!

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