Mount Niesen: this is how to get there

How to reach Mount Niesen

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How to travel to the Niesen

You first need to travel to Mülenen. There you need to switch to the funicular.

The trip in detail

Mülenen can be reached by car or by train (5 minutes from Spiez). It's a 2 minute walk from the train station to the funicular station.

The funicular crosses the river Kander immediately after departure. Then it creeps up the forested slopes until it reaches the mid station Schwandegg after about 10 minutes. There you need to switch to another funicular that takes you along the slightly shorter second leg of the trip to the top. The entire funicular trip takes half an hour.

Check the timetable

The funicular operates from about mid April to mid November. Be sure to check the timetable for details.


Check the timetable of the trains to Mülenen and the funicular to the top of the Niesen. Enter 'Niesen Kulm' as your destination.

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