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Glacier 3000

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Must knows about Glacier 3000

  • Glacier 3000 is a mountain area east of Montreux, easy to reach by bus and cable car from the famous resort of Gstaad.
  • There are lots of adventurous activities in both winter and summer. Some are included in the cable car ticket, others have to be paid for separately.
  • Hiking highlights are the Glacier Walk to the mountain restaurant Refuge l’Espace, and the spectacular Peak Walk over a high suspension bridge.
Glacier 3000

The Peak Walk at Glacier 3000.

This is Glacier 3000

The Glacier 3000 ski and summer sports area is located at only 30 minutes from the famous resort Gstaad. A cable car takes you up from the valley station of Col-du-Pillon to the top station Scex Rouge. You can enjoy stunning views of Switzerland’s highest mountains there, including the Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn and 24 other mountains over 4000 meters. The mountain offers lots of activities, from skiing and snowboarding to dog sledding and an alpine coaster. You can catch your breath in several bars and restaurants.


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Year-round activities

Some of the activities are available all year round:

  • You can have culinary breaks in bars and restaurants, including the restaurant at the Scex Rouge cable car station. Designed by the famous architect Mario Botta, it features three levels with beautiful views of the mountains and a sunny outdoor terrace.
  • From the Botta restaurant, you can make a short walk to the view point at a short where you can enjoy a wonderful mountain panorama.
  • The Ice Express chairlift takes you down to the glacier where several activities are available, such as the snow bus and the fun park.
  • The spectacular Peak Walk is a short hiking route from Scex Rouge over metal stairs and a breathtaking suspension bridge connecting two mountain tops.
  • Book a dog sled ride.

Summer activities

These are your options for a visit in summer:

  • Roll down in the alpine coaster.
  • Take a ride over the glacier in the snow bus.
  • Take a hike. There are wonderful panoramic routes, including one leading to the Dôme mountain and back to Scex Rouge.
  • Challenge yourself on the via ferrata route.

Winter activities

Both winter sports enthusiasts and unexperienced visitors can enjoy the snow in winter:

  • There’s a snowpark for freestyle skiing and snowboarding, open from October to May (the exact dates depend on weather and snow conditions). Visitors can join free training sessions in the avalanche training center.
  • Cross-country skiing is possible too.
  • Ski rental is available.
  • In the fun park, you can enjoy sliding, which is a kind of sledding on plastic plates.
  • Several winter hiking routes allow you to enjoy the snowy area at a relaxing pace. The Glacier Walk is an impressive one. This groomed hiking trail takes you across the glacier to the restaurant Refuge l’Espace on the glacier’s edge. From there, you’ll have wonderful views down into the Derborance valley and into the Valais.

How to prepare

Weather is important if you visit Glacier 3000. Light clouds, drizzle or a bit of snow don’t matter for fun or sports activities, but if you go up for the views or for hiking, favorable weather conditions are important. Arrange for proper hiking or ski gear. If you suffer from fear of heights, skip the Peak Walk with its suspension bridge. Take care when snowboarding, skiing or sliding: you can hurt yourself or others if you don’t pay close attention.

Combine your visit to Glacier 3000 with other activities

Depending on the time you spend at Glacier 3000, you can add more activities to your day trip. A visit to Gstaad is well possible. If you have more time to spend, you can travel to Montreux.

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Insider tips

  • If you plan to do the Glacier Walk, you can take the Ice Express chairlift down to skip the first steep section to the glacier.
  • If you’re lucky, you can watch small private planes practicing taking-off and landing on the glacier during the Glacier Walk.
  • End the Glacier Walk at Quille du Diable (2906m) about 45 minutes from Scex Rouge one-way. Here you can relax in lounge chairs looking out over the Valais and the Bernese Alps, and you can enjoy food and drinks at the Refuge l’Espace lounge.
  • If ýou’re waiting for the postbus down at Col-du-Pillon (buses typically operate once per hour), you can have a coffee or meal in the restaurant.

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