Short walk from Furi to Zermatt

Walking from Furi to Zermatt

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No cars are allowed in Zermatt: electric cars and occasional chariots are the main form of transport.

Walking from Furi to Zermatt

Short walk through the forests near Zermatt.


How to travel to Zermatt and trail details.


Facts Furi - Zermatt

  • Hiking time: 1h15
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Elevation: 1612 - 1994 m
  • Distance: 4.2 km
  • Terrain: meadow, forest
  • Region: Matter valley (Valais)

About the route

This short route is an excellent way to get to know the surrounding area of Zermatt. You will particularly walk past and through forests, and then get back to the shopping streets of Zermatt via the settlement of Zum See. There are views of the Matterhorn, the Breithorn and the Adlerhorn along the way.

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