Albula railway trail from Preda to Bergün

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Hiking from Preda to Bergün

The hiking trail from Preda to Bergün offers excellent views of the trains in the Albula valley.
© Rhätische Bahn / Christof Sonderegger

Walking from Preda to Bergün and watching the trains

Watch the famous red trains of the Rhaetian Railway and the amazing landscape.


How to travel to Preda and find your way to Bergün.


Facts Preda - Bergün

  • Hiking time: 2h15
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Elevation: 1360 - 1793 m
  • Distance: 7.0 km
  • Terrain: meadow, along railway, valley, forest
  • Region: Albula valley (Graubünden)

About the trail

This route does not only lead you to a magnificent piece of nature but it also offers the opportunity to learn about some interesting railway construction techniques. Several spiral loops have been constructed in order to allow trains to gain height gradually before reaching the Albula tunnel near Preda. There are several bridges and tunnels as well. Information boards provide information along this Albula railway trail.

You can extend the hike by another 3 hours by continuing on to Filisur.

If you want to learn even more about the impressive Albula line, we'd recommend to visit the railway museum just across the rail station in Bergün.

Update 2015: the trail has been diverted in a few places due to constructions works and landslides.

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