This is how to reach Mittelallalin

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How to travel to Mittelallalin

Mittelallalin can be reached by gondola from the village of Saas-Fee.

The route to Mittelallalin in detail

You first need to travel to Saas-Fee, which can be done by bus or by car. Saas-Fee is car free, so you need to park your car at the entrance of the village.

Next, you walk to one of the gondola stations. Both or just one might be operational.

The first option is the gondola called 'Alpin Express': the first section ends at the mid station 'Morenia'. There, you need to change to another gondola. The second section ends at 'Felskinn'.

The second option is a cable car called 'Felskinnbahn' that departs just outside the village of Saas-Fee (that area is called Bifig). This cable car can be reached on foot and goes to Felskinn as well.

The final section is an underground funicular called 'Metro Alpin'. It will take you from Felskinn to Mittelallalin.

The journey to Mittelallalin is an attraction in itself!

Dates of operation

Mittelallalin can't be reached from 29 April to 8 June 2019. Please check again later for further dates.

Tip: check the timetable before you start your trip.


Check the timetable of the buses and cable cars.

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