Discounts on train traveling in Switzerland

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Train crossing the Reuss, heading for Göschenen.

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Discounts for children up to 5 years old

Children travel for free if accompanied by an adult. This applies to a maximum of 8 children per adult.

Discounts for children 6 to 15 years old

  • If the parents travel with a pass of the Swiss Travel System, children travel along for free with the Swiss Family Card. See the various passes for details.
  • In other cases, children are allowed to purchase tickets with a 50% discount. With the Junior travelcard they can travel along for free with a parent. There is a similar Children’s Co-travelcard in case you are not the parent of the children you take along.
  • If you only plan to travel for a day and don't have a pass, you can buy a 1-day travelpass for children. The child needs to be accompanied by an adult, who doesn't need to be a relative.

Discounts for youths & students 16 to 25 years old

Anyone between 16 and 25 (inclusive) gets a discount on the Swiss Travel Pass and Swiss Travel Pass Flex. There are no discounts on regular tickets.

Discounts for seniors

There are no discounts for seniors. The only exception is a travelcard for unlimited free traveling for a whole year.

Discounts for pass holders

Pass holders get free traveling and several discounts. Find your pass to see the details.

Discounts for groups

Groups of 10 or more get a 20% discount on point to point tickets, and each 10th person will travel for free. Note that a rail pass is more economical if you travel a lot.

Supersaver train tickets

If you only plan to make a few trips, and the date and time of those trips are fixed, you may save money with a Supersaver ticket. These tickets are cheaper than regular point to point tickets, but they are only available from 30 days before the travel date and for a limited number of routes. The number of available tickets is limited.

The tickets can only be purchased online and only for a specific date and specific time (train). Therefore you can't break your trip along the way. If you miss the train you cannot use the ticket for another train. Supersaver tickets can't be changed, and are basically not refundable.

If you plan to travel a lot or if your plans are not set in stone, a rail pass is the better choice.

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