Welcome to the Swiss Alps!

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Must knows about Switzerland

  • The weather varies greatly by the season, altitude and location;
  • High season is from late June to August and late December to March;
  • The best activities in the Alps are scenic train rides, mountain top visits and hiking.

Video about the most popular Swiss rail pass: the Swiss Travel Pass.

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Flowers along the Aare in Thun


Find out what town or region appeals to you most.

Cable car to Piz Nair


Viewing points, scenic train rides, boat trips, hiking. It's all here!

Train near the Jungfrau


There are many ways to travel to and in Switzerland. About trains, cars, buses, boats, cable cars and the tickets you need.



The forum is the place to ask your questions, talk with other travelers and get the news about traveling to Switzerland.


Insider tips about the Swiss Alps

  • The weather varies by the season, day, time, location and especially altitude. You'd best dress in multiple thinner layers so you can adjust to the local circumstances.
  • The Swiss train system is safe, clean and easy to use. In most cases, it's a much better choice than a road trip.
  • Nearly all public transport can be found in one single online timetable.

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Combine scenic train tour & stay at Jungfrau?
I'm travelling with my husband to Europe for the first time and we'd like to take a scenic train tour and stay at a hotel in the alps with scenic views. From what I gathered from this site, we should be staying at the Jungfrau region. However I'm confused as to where we should s...
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Hi, Can someone please advise on the best trains to book for trip from Milan 》 Lugano. Sleep 2 nights in Lugano. Then trip from Lugano 》 Luzern and sleep 2 nights in Luzern. We have already purchased a global pass 15 days for our travel through Europe ( Italy, Switzerland, Fran...
Train Zurich to Stuttgart with stop at Rheinfall
My husband and I will be concluding an escorted tour mid-morning on Friday, Oct 2nd at the Zurich airport. We need to travel by train from Zurich to Stuttgart that day, but don't need to be in Stuttgart until late afternoon. We won't have any active rail passes or Zurich Card...
A day trip from Stans to Stanserhorn and Pilatus
Hello to all forum members and the moderat0rs of the greatest forum on the web! I plan a trip to Stanserhorn and Pilatus in 1 day - 11AUG2015. The departure point is Stans, where we've already booked a hotel. We've got First class Swiss travel passes flex. What do you think -...
Montreux to Lucern on GoldenPass train
Hello, I need help with some questions I have 1. If I have Austria-Swiss Eurali pass, is travel on the GoldenPass route trains free or is it free on some trains but not all? 2. If I am travelling on September 8, is it necessary for me to make a reservation on the full Panaromic View tr...
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