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Lugano from Monte San Salvatore

View of Lugano, the lake and Monte Brè as seen from Monte San Salvatore.

About Lugano

The city of Lugano is located on a lake in a very scenic area in southern Switzerland. Lugano is well connected to the entire region by trains, buses and boats.


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Facts about Lugano

Why stay in Lugano?

The Lake Lugano area is absolutely beautiful, and Lugano is the lively center of all of that. The city offers wonderful architecture, a picturesque park on the lake, and plenty of (luxury) shopping, restaurants and hotels.

Day trips are easy, as various modes of public transport connect the city to the entire region.

The scenery from the lakefront is impressing, with steep green mountains rising up from the lake. We feel like there's a slight similarity with the landscapes of Rio de Janeiro.

Why not stay in Lugano?

Lugano is relatively small, but it's still a city. So it is lively and there is quite some traffic. If you want to stay in the middle of nature, you may want to look elsewhere. Do pay the city a visit though!

The districts of Lugano

Lugano has a very nice city center between the train station and the lake. Two other districts are worth mentioning too, especially if you prefer a quieter area.

You'll find Lugano-Paradiso 1.5 km south of the city center. Part of it is located on the slope of Mount San Salvatore. Accommodation here offers a different view than from the city: you can look upon the city from here, as well as the lake. Lugano-Paradiso can be reached by trains, buses, boats and by car.

Cassarate, Castagnola and Ruvigliana are basically one area at about 2 km east of the city center. The area is located at the base and on the slopes of Mount Brè. Depending on your exact location you can see the city, the lake and Lugano-Paradiso from here. It can be reached by bus and by car.

What not to miss during your stay

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