Maison Cailler chocolate factory: must-knows

  • Maison Cailler is a famous Swiss chocolate factory and interactive museum in Broc, close to Gruyères.
  • This is a great family excursion. Add the escape game or a chocolate workshop for even more fun.
  • Do you love Swiss food? Combine your excursion with the Nestlé outlet shop and the nearby cheese factory.
  • Access is free with the Swiss Travel Pass.
  • If you need an admission ticket, get it online to skip the queues.
Min. time required: 1:30
Season: all year
Recommended season: all year
Max. altitude: 718 m (2356 ft)

What is Maison Cailler? Copy link to clipboard

Maison Cailler is a famous chocolate factory and museum in Broc in the Swiss canton Fribourg. The name means 'Cailler house' or 'Cailler home'. Cailler is one of Switzerland’s main chocolate brands.

Visitors can learn all about the Cailler chocolate in an multi-media tour. It ends with a glance of the actual factory and free sample tasting. A shop and café are available too, and you can participate in all sorts of chocolate workshops and an escape game.

Chocolate factory prices and reservations Copy link to clipboard

Maison Cailler price in 2023

An entrance ticket to Maison Cailler costs CHF 15 per adult without a rail pass. There are discounted rates for students, seniors, disabled visitors, and children. For some rail pass holders, the museum entrance is free.

Where to buy your chocolate factory tickets

Tickets for Maison Cailler can be bought online and at the museum. Buying online in advance means you can skip the ticket queues at the museum entrance. 

Reservations for Maison Cailler

Regular visits don’t have to be booked in advance, but chocolate workshops and the escape game require prior reservation.

Get your tickets for the chocolate factory Copy link to clipboard

Conveniently buy your entrance tickets for Maison Cailler online and skip the queues. Note that you may not need a ticket if you have a rail pass.

Maison Cailler Visit and Walk A Pioneer in the Meadows
Culinary, Museum
The Maison Cailler invites you to live an unforgettable experience in the world of chocolate. Our interactive tour immerses you in the history of chocolate, from the Aztecs to the latest innovations. Discover how we use cocoa beans and selected ingredients with the utmost attention to make exquisite chocolate creations. …

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Maison Cailler the favorite chocolate experience in Switzerland
Maison Cailler chocolate factory Visit
Culinary, Museum
Have you ever dreamed of visiting a real chocolate factory? At Maison Cailler, we invite you to discover all there is to know about our chocolate through a multi-sensory experience. Take part in one of our many workshops and create your own chocolates with the help of our chocolatiers.

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Gruyères Medieval Town, Cheese Factory and Maison Cailler Tour from Interlaken
Culinary (cheese), Culinary (chocolate)Guided day tour
Admire the breathtaking landscapes of Gruyères. At the top of the hill, take a deep breath of pure mountain air and listen to the cowbells in the pasturelands. Taste typical Swiss cheese while watching the cheesemaking process. Smell chocolate and taste one of the most famous Swiss delicacies in the …

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The travel passes below grant free entry to the cheese factory.

Swiss Travel Pass Free:
  • Entrance fee
Swiss Travel Pass Flex Free:
  • Entrance fee

How to reach Maison Cailler: directions and map Copy link to clipboard

Maison Cailler is located close to the rail station 'Broc-Fabrique' and can best be reached by train.

Take a train to Broc-Fabrique

You’ll reach Maison Cailler in a few minutes on foot from the railway station of Broc-Fabrique. There are trains from 3 main directions:

  1. From Montbovon in the south. Montbovon is located along the GoldenPass route. It can be reached from the directions of Montreux and Zweisimmen/Thun/Interlaken. You can travel to Montbovon on regular trains or on GoldenPass trains.
  2. From Lausanne/Bulle in the south.
  3. From Bern and Fribourg in the north.

The Chocolate Train day trip from Montreux

The Chocolate Train is a day trip from Montreux by train and bus, during which you’ll visit a cheese factory, the town Gruyères and Maison Cailler.

Reach the factory by bus from Gruyères

There's a direct 10-minute bus ride between Gruyères and 'Broc-Fabrique gare', close to the Broc-Fabrique rail station.

Arrival by car

The museum can be reached by car as well. Free parking space is available.

Maison Cailler: location on a map

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Opening dates and timetable info Copy link to clipboard

Maison Cailler opening dates and hours - 2023

The chocolate factory/museum is open 7 days a week, all year long. Opening hours are:

  • 10:00 to 17:00 from November to March
  • 10:00 to 18:00 from April to October

Tickets can be bought until 1 hour before closure time.

How to plan your journey with the Swiss timetable

If you plan your journey with the Swiss timetable, enter "Broc-Fabrique" as your destination. The chocolate factory is at a 5-minute walk from this small rail station. The bus stop close to the rail station is called "Broc Fabrique, gare".

Best time to visit the chocolate factory Copy link to clipboard

Maison Cailler is open 7 days a week, all year long. Any season is good for an excursion to the chocolate factory. It's a perfect rainy-day option. A visit is fine on sunny days as well. If you limit your time in the factory to 2 or 3 hours, you can still plan additional outdoor activities, such as visiting nearby Gruyères.

Weather info and forecasts for Broc Copy link to clipboard

You don't need good weather to visit Maison Cailler. If you plan to combine your visit with sightseeing in Gruyères or hiking, dry weather is of course best.

5-day forecast for Broc

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Weather forecast

What to expect from the chocolate factory

The interactive multi-media tour

You’ll enter the museum in small groups and enjoy a multi-media tour (available in different languages) in which you’ll learn about chocolate. The history of chocolate, the growing of cocoa beans and Cailler’s approach are explained.

You’ll also get to see parts of the actual factory and get a live glimpse of how the chocolate is made. Your tour ends with some free sample tasting.

Tasting and buying chocolate: café, shop and confectionery

  • Besides the limited amount of free samples available after the museum tour, you can sit down in the café and order all sorts of chocolate products.
  • There’s a large boutique shop from which you can get the normal range of Cailler chocolates.
  • More exquisite creations are available in the confectionery.

Activities: chocolate workshops, escape game and outdoor game

  • Book a chocolate workshop to create your own souvenir. The options range from family workshops and birthday parties to truffles or Christmas chocolates creation.
  • There’s an escape game at Maison Cailler.
  • Families can enjoy a 1-hour outdoor discovery game, guided by smartphone. All participants receive a chocolate award.

How to combine the chocolate factory with other excursions

  • If you like Swiss food, have a look in the Nestlé outlet shop located between Maison Cailler and the rail station Broc-Fabrique.
  • Maison Cailler is located in Broc, which is close to the medieval village Gruyères. The cheese-making factory La Maison du Gruyère and a beautiful castle can be found here.
  • Your trip to Gruyères and/or Broc can be combined with a nice train ride, such as the GoldenPass or the Chocolate Train from Montreux.

Maison Cailler FAQ

  1. Can I join a guided tour in the chocolate factory?

    No, you’ll explore the museum and factory on your own with the aid of audio guides. If you prefer personal attention and explanation, we recommend that you book a chocolate workshop.

  2. In which languages are audioguides available?

    You can listen to the explanation in English, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Italian, and Spanish.

  3. How long does an excursion to Maison Cailler take?

    We recommend allocating 1,5 hours to your chocolate factory visit, excluding the time to reach it. An average multi-media tour takes about 45 minutes. But you’ll probably want to visit the café and shop as well. If you participate in activities such as the escape game or a chocolate workshop, count on about half a day.

  4. Is the factory wheelchair accessible?

    Yes, you can enjoy the chocolate factory if you’re in a wheelchair.

  5. How to beat the crowds at Maison Cailler?

    If you prefer a quiet chocolate factory visit, we advise you to buy your admission ticket online in advance to skip the queues. You can then directly enter as soon as the factory opens.

    Visiting in the late afternoon, if most visitors return, is another option. Note that entrance tickets can be bought until 1 hour before closure time.

    If you can, visit the chocolate factory outside of weekends, Swiss school holidays, and the peak tourism months.

History of the Cailler chocolate factory

In the early 19th century there were several chocolate factories in Vevey on Lake Geneva. Francois-Louis Cailler opened a grocery store there, selling chocolates too. He gradually expanded his business, buying new factories in the region.

Cailler’s heirs continued his work, introducing milk chocolates and pralines. In 1898 a Cailler factory in Broc was opened. The range of chocolate products was further expanded. The invention of a new way to create milk chocolate, using condensed milk from the Gruyère region instead of milk powder, resulted in a creamier substance.

The current museum in Broc was opened in 2006. Cailler, which is part of the umbrella food company Nestlé, is still inventing new flavors and products.

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