Min. time required: 2:00
Season: all year
Recommended season: early January to late February and early April to late October
Max. altitude: 2190 m (7185 ft)

What is the Stockhorn? Copy link to clipboard

The Stockhorn is a Swiss viewpoint at 2190 m altitude. It's located above the village Erlenbach in the Simmen Valley (Bernese Oberland). The mountain station is just under the actual Stockhorn peak, which can be reached by an easy zig-zagging path.

The views from the top reach far: from the Bernese Alps in the south to the northern Swiss plains. The two mountain lakes at mid-station Chrindi provide excellent hiking, fishing and exploring opportunities.

Chrindi is also where you can make a bungee jump from a cable car, right above the Hinterstockensee.

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Standard prices of a trip to the Stockhorn

The standard fare for a return trip Erlenbach-Stockhorn is CHF 60 per adult in 2023. A return trip to mid-station Chrindi costs CHF 42. Several rail passes provide discounts or even free traveling.

Where to buy your Stockhorn tickets

Tickets can be bought at the valley station in Erlenbach and at mid-station Chrindi.

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Stockhorn Ticket from Erlenbach im Simmental
Stockhorn Ticket from Erlenbach im Simmental
Let the Stockhornbahn take you up to the Stockhorn in two sections. Within only 20 minutes the aerial tramway goes from Erlenbach in the Simmental to the Stockhorn.

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How to travel to the Stockhorn: directions and map Copy link to clipboard

The cable car departs from the village Erlenbach in the Simmen Valley. Count on these travel times for a single journey to the top:

How to reach Erlenbach

Erlenbach is located at the beginning of the Simmen Valley. The village can be reached by train. There are regional trains from the directions of Bern/Thun/Spiez in the north-east and from Gstaad/Zweisimmen in the south-west.

From the Erlenbach station to the cable car valley station

A signposted 15-minute walk gets you to the cable car valley station.

From Erlenbach to Chrindi and Stockhorn

Board the cable car in Erlenbach. You'll have to make a change at the mid-station Chrindi. The total ride from the valley station to the top takes 20 minutes.

Map with the cableway route to the Stockhorn

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Operation dates, schedules and timetable Copy link to clipboard

Stockhorn operation dates 2023

The cable cars to Chrindi and Stockhorn operate from 19 December 2022 to 12 March 2023, and from 22 April to 12 November 2023.

How to plan your trip with the Swiss timetable

You can find all connections to the Stockhorn in the Swiss timetable. Use these names:

  • "Stockhorn" for the top station
  • "Chrindi" for the mid-station
  • "Erlenbach i.S. (Stockhornbahn)" for the cable car valley station
  • "Erlenbach im Simmental" for the rail station of Erlenbach

Best months for Stockhorn Copy link to clipboard

The best seasons for a trip to the Stockhorn are early January to late February and early April to late October:

  • January and February are great for a winter visit. If you aim for vistas of snow-capped Bernese mountain ranges, and possibly even snow down in the Simmen Valley, these months provide the best chances.
  • April to June and October are recommended for the best scenery. This is when vegetation down in the valley is lush and green (April-June) or beautifully varied with autumn colors (October). There's usually snow on most mountain peaks.
  • July-September is perfect for hiking. Most high-altitude routes are accessible, including hikes along the mountain lakes near mid-station Chrindi.

Weather tips and forecasts Copy link to clipboard

Check the weather forecast, as you can't enjoy the great panorama if the Stockhorn is covered by clouds.

If you plan to hike, make sure weather forecasts are stable and favorable. Rain, fog, snow, or thunderstorms can cause dangerous circumstances.

Stockhorn forecast for the next 5 days

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Weather forecast

The views from the top

The Stockhorn mountain station is located just below a high ridge. Towards the north, you’ll see the hills and plains of the lower Swiss territory, and in clear skies, the view reaches as far as the German Black Forest. The mighty Bernese Alps can be seen in the south.

The best views can be enjoyed in 2 ways:

  • 1: From a thrilling platform sticking out from the rocks on the northern side. There’s even a glass cut-out allowing you to look 400 m down. A short path with information panels about the geology leads from the cable car station to the platform. The path and the platform are wheelchair-friendly.
  • 2. From the actual top of the Stockhorn. A short zig-zagging path leads to the ridge with views in both northern and southern directions.

Restaurants at the Stockhorn

There’s a panorama restaurant at Stockhorn facing the Alps in the south. Apart from the normal cuisine, you enjoy these options:

  • On Sundays, Saturdays, and Swiss public holidays a brunch buffet is organised. Advanced booking is recommended.
  • On weekdays there’s a breakfast buffet from the first cable car ride until 11:00 am.
  • From December to March, you can book moonlight dinners.

A smaller restaurant at mid-station Chrindi provides snacks and simple meals.

Summer hikes at Stockhorn and Chrindi

There are plenty of hiking trails, especially from the middle station Chrindi. Examples:

  • Hike to the actual summit of the Stockhorn along the Alpine Flower Trail.
  • Make the easy hike along the lake “Hinterstockensee”. This easy 1.7 km trail can be done in about 40 minutes and offers beautiful views of the mountain lake and the surrounding green peaks. There’s a “Quiz-Trail” brochure available for this route at the Erlenbach cable car valley station. It playfully teaches children about the local flora and fauna.
  • Make a longer circular tour along two lakes: the Hinterstockensee and the Oberstockensee. Information panels teach children about the local geology, weather, and habitats. That’s why it’s also called the “Adventure trail”.

Other summer activities

  • Make a bungee jump above the lake “Hinterstockensee at” Chrindi.
  • Book a tandem paragliding flight.
  • Go fishing in the lakes Hinterstockensee or Oberstockensee, to be reached from Chrindi.
  • Hike to the Vorderstockenalp (40 minutes from Chrindi, 1 hour from the Stockhorn) and then get down to Erlenbach on trotti bikes.

Winter activities at Stockhorn and Chrindi

In winter groomed hiking trails from the middle station Chrindi are available. In addition, there are 4 snowshoe trails, and snowshoes can be rented on the spot at Chrindi.

If ice conditions are favorable, skating at the Hinterstockensee is possible. Ice fishing is another option. Gear can be rented at Chrindi.

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