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Must knows about Bürgenstock

  • Bürgenstock is a luxurious resort on top of a mountain ridge along Lake Lucerne, with beautiful hotels, restaurants and shops.
  • The ride up is a nice trip in itself. You can reach Bürgenstock by bus, or by boat and funicular.
  • This is also a starting point for many biking and hiking trails. They include the panoramic footpath to the spectacular Hammetschwand elevator.
Hammetschwand lift at Bürgenstock

The Hammetschwand lift for hikers at Bürgenstock.

A luxurious resort and a spectacular elevator

There are plenty of options to splurge in the beautifully located resort of Bürgenstock. It's a mountain ridge above Lake Lucerne. There’s also more than enough to do for lovers of the outdoors. The hike to the spectacular Hammetschwand lift is just one example.


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  • Attraction type: Natural site, Mountain top, By funicular
  • Escort: independent (no guide)
  • Region: Lake Lucerne (Central Switzerland)
  • Duration: 1 day or less

Luxury and beautiful views at the Bürgenstock resort

The Bürgenstock resort has a long history. The first hotel at this ridge overlooking Lake Lucerne was founded in 1873. After a recent update, the resort features luxurious hotels, spa facilities, business facilities and numerous restaurants.

Bürgenstock is also an easy-to-reach, beautiful viewing point. You can enjoy hiking, biking and other outdoor activities here.

What to expect at Bürgenstock

Hotels and restaurants are the main features at Bürgenstock. There are five luxury hotels, some with spa facilities. Visitors have a wide choice of bars and restaurants, with different cuisines ranging from Swiss specialties to oriental meals. In the arcade you’ll find luxury shops, including a Swatch store.

Sports lovers can use the alpine golf court or join a guided outdoor trip. The options include hiking, biking and adventure sports. In winter, there’s an ice rink near the hotels and several fun snow activities are offered.

Bürgenstock can be enjoyed on a budget too. The bus ride from Stansstad is free with several rail passes, and the resort can be used as viewing point and as a base for non-guided, free hikes.

The Hammetschwand lift

One of the main hiking options is the “Felsenweg” or Cliff Walk”. This is an easy trail above the lake with information about the history of the Bürgenstock area, available via QR codes. Using several paths (either gradually curved, or with steep stone steps) you can reach the Hammetschwand lift.

The Hammetschwand elevator is an iconic structure dating from 1905. It can be seen from far, evening in the evening when it's lit. The lift is attached to the steep rock wall. Its frame of glass and steel allows you to keep enjoying the views, while you’re ascending 152 vertical meters at an impressive speed.

At the top, you’ll find a cosy restaurant with a terrace and you can continue hiking in several directions.

How to prepare

No special preparations are needed for a visit to Bürgenstock, unless you plan outdoor activities such as hiking. In that case you’ll need proper gear and check weather forecasts. If you suffer from fear of heights, you may want to skip the Hammetschwand elevator.

Combine your visit to Bürgenstock with other activities

You can easily combine a short visit to Bürgenstock with other activities:

  • One of the ways to access Bürgenstock is by funicular. Its valley station is located next to the boat dock Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock. A boat trip over Lake Lucerne before or after your visit to Bürgenstock is an excellent choice.
  • Another way up is by bus from Stansstad. From Stansstad, you can easily visit the Stanserhorn.
  • Find all activities in the area here.

Insider tips about Bürgenstock

  • Early birds can explore a lot in one day. Visit to Stanserhorn, Bürgenstock and Rigi. Find suggestions here.
  • Your trip to Bürgenstock can be entirely for free if you pick the right route and rail pass. Please find details here.
  • You can watch modern movies in English in the cinema of the Bürgenstock Hotel.
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