11 days: Swiss Travel Pass or Swiss Half Fare Card

  • marifer_76
    20 June 2022 at 17:18:34 #827558

    Hi! I am visitting Switzerland for 11 days and I wold like to know what type of card I can use for my trip. I am between the half fare card and the Swiss pass, but I have a few questions:

    Can I buy with my half fare card two tickets? Or I can only use it for myself?

    If I get to Zurich in a week, so I am not there yet, how can I order my half fare card?

    I have a proximately 8 trips of 8CHF and 4 longer trips, one form geneva airport to spain, from Zurich to Villars and back and another one of Zurich to Chamonix, France.

    I would be so grateful for your help. Thank you!!

  • Anna
    5894 posts
    20 June 2022 at 18:15:17 #943453

    Hi marifer 76,

    Welcome to MySwissAlps.

    Whether you need a Swiss Travel Pass or a Swiss Half Fare Card depends on your plans. It’s best to plan your itinerary in detail to determine which railpass suits you. For useful tips about how to choose the best railpass: http://www.myswissalps.com/train/ticketspasses/practical/chooserailpass

    You can buy as many ticket as you want but with the Swiss Half Fare Card, the discount is only applicable to you. Similarly if you have the Swiss Travel Pass, only you can use the pass. It is not valid for another passenger.

    You can purchase the Swiss Travel Pass or Swiss Half Fare Card online and in advance before your trip (please click on the links for purchase info).

    Also, if you’re visiting multiple countries, you might want to consider getting a multi-country pass such as the Eurail Global Pass.

    Hope this helps.



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