3 day trip, looking for best pass to buy

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    First, thank you to all previous posts from the community. They helped me to learn enough to do my homework and now ask the right questions.

    I have a specific trip planned, and would like to know what is the best pass to purchase. I also would like to know if I get on a train from Milan, do I have to buy an Italian ticket to stop in Chiasso, or can I be on a train (Like EC 52 from Milano to Brig with stops in Stresa and Domodossola and only pay for the Italian part to Chiasso?) The reason I ask, is that buying a ticket from Milano to Chiasso, adds many hours to my trip vs. EC52, then RE 3270 through Kandersteg)

    24 April already have Italian tickets from Manarola to Milano Centrale arrivng at 10:50.
    24 April Milano to Lauterbrunnen. Would like to go via Kandersteg (Open to suggestions for this leg of trip for most scenic route) (Does this qualify as a ‘most direct route’ for Swiss Flexi or Swiss Card, or Transfer Card rules?)

    Will hotel in Lauterbrunnen for 3 nights.

    25 April Travel to Jungfraujoch (only 25% off roudtrip according to area of validity) OR gondola’s, cable cars, visit Muerren, Wengen
    26 April Jungfraujoch (if not completed on 25 April) Gondola, cable cars, Wengen, Interlaken if weather is bad.

    27 April Lauterbrunnen to Munich Airport would like to travel to Romanshorn, then ferry to Friedrichshafen
    We have all day, can arrive very late to Munich Airport, staying in hotel located in aiport terminal.
    Again, if we take a more scenic route to Munich (suggestions, maybe some towns to stop over for a few hours?), does this qualify as ‘most direct route’ for Swiss Passes?
    28 April Depart Munich 12:15

    If the routes above do not qualify as ‘most direct route’ can you tell me what is the most direct route from Chiasso to Lauterbrunnen and then from Lauterbrunnen to Munich?

    Thank you very much for any help you can give.

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    Hi Mike! Limitations for the routes you use only go for the Swiss Card and the Swiss Transfer Ticket, not for the other Swiss rail passes. For your trip, a Swiss Card would be better than a Swiss Transfer Ticket. The Swiss Card allows you to travel by the most direct routes during your inbound and outbound trips. These are the ones indicated by the timetable. Sometimes longer routes are allowed too, as long as they’re cheaper than the most direct one. As for Milano-Lauterbrunnen: you should travel via Domodossola, which is quicker than via Chiasso. From there, you may either use the quickest tunnel connection via Visp/Brig and Spiez, or the scenic Lötschberg Regio Express via Goppenstein and Kandersteg. On your way to Munich, you can use the most direct route via Interlaken and Basel, but also the more scenic connection via Meiringen and Lucerne. Such routes can be found by adding a via-station in the timetable. Prices can be checked there too.

    If you don’t want any limitations for your inbound and outbound trips, you can best consider a Swiss Flexi Pass. That allows free traveling on a number of days throughout the country, making any detour you like, and you won’t have to pay attention to whether you use the shortest or cheapest variant.

    It would be best to buy your pass online in advance. That way, you won’t have to get out during your inbound trip to buy it. Depending on the reseller you pick, you may still have to validate your pass. But train conductors in the international train from Milano to Switzerland can do that too, so you can just stay seated. Buy a regular ticket Milano-Domodossola and show your Swiss rail pass from Domodossola onwards.

    Further specifics and purchase options are listed at the Swiss Flexi Pass and Swiss Card pages.

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