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    4 June 2014 at 5:12:49 #806417

    Hi, I’m planning to visit Switzerland on July.

    On my searching for several passes, I got a information of ‘adventure card’.

    This is my itinerary.

    -hiking at Interlaken on 24. July :

    Interlaken Ost-First : taking cable car
    First-Schynige Platte : hiking
    Scynige Platte-Interlaken Ost : taking train


    -hiking at Zermatt on 25. July :
    Interlaken Ost-Zermatt (via Visp) : taking train
    Zermatt-Trockener Steg : taking cable car
    Trockener Steg-Furi : hiking

    Furi-Zermatt : taking cable car

    Zermatt-Interlaken : taking train

    On my searching, visp-zermatt, zermatt-visp is free and zermatt-trockener steg, furi-zermatt is 50% discount if i purchase adventure card. Now I wonder it’s also applied to interlaken-visp, visp-interlaken and basel-interlaken scynige platte-interlaken by train & interlaken-first by cable car.

    And one more, if it’s free for take a train, reservation is required & there’s reservation fee(especially from interlaken ost to zermatt)?

    I’m wating for your reply. Thank you so much ;-D

    + Can your recommend other pass regarding my itinerary? Swisspass covers at least 4 days so it’s too long for me.

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    4 June 2014 at 6:08:04 #840137

    Hi aeternalis,

    The Adventure Card is an option for your trip, but it’s only valid for traveling in the eastern part of the canton of Valais, not in the Bernese Oberland (Interlaken). Please see the map for details.

    Your traveling on July 24 is not included, so you would need to purchase regular tickets. The traveling on July 25 is partly free and partly discounted, as you can see on the map.

    I wonder how you travel to Interlaken and where you go next. Are you traveling to and from Basel on the day before and after? That’s not included in the Adventure Card. You may be better off with a 3-day Swiss Flexi Pass, which covers all of Switzerland. Please see the links below for details:
    http://www.myswissalps.com/sw issflexipass
    http://www.raileurope.co.kr/p ass/swisspass

    Seat reservations are not necessary.

    Just let me know if I can be of further help!

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    4 June 2014 at 7:23:07 #840138

    Thank you for your fast, kind reply.

    I saw the map you suggest, and have some questions.

    When I searched for the train from interlaken to visp at the website of SBB, it’s duration time is 54 minutes and that’s via Lotschberg-Basistunnel.

    But in the map you give me, to use free route of adventure card, I have to go Kandersteg(50% discount), and then from Kandersteg, now i can use free train to Zermatt. But that’s not the route via Lotschberg-Basistunnel(maybe the shortest way to visp). I have to go from Kandersteg to Brig, then to Visp to take free train using adventure card . I guess it require much more time then using the tunnel(tunnel is not red or blue line but black. so not covered by adventure card?)

    What I searched is right information?

    Please let me know how to get to Visp (for go to Zermatt) from Interlaken by cheap & short route using adventure card.

    Thank you for your help again.

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    4 June 2014 at 8:29:46 #840139

    Hi aeternalis,

    The Adventure Card is not valid for the Basistunnel. It’s only valid via Kandersteg, which is the slower, but more scenic route.

    Are you indeed traveling from and to Basel as well, and on which days? If so, I think you need to look into the Swiss Flexi Pass. This one also includes the tunnel so you can reach Zermatt quicker.

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