Right passes for Lindau – Wengen – Zurich airport?

  • Skatie
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    27 April 2016 at 0:58:15 #809026

    My family of four (includes two teens 16 & 19 years old) are travelling from Germany to Switzerland in late August. We will travel from Garmisch to Lindau on Sunday and then Lindau to Wengen on Monday. I am thinking of using the Swiss transfer pass to get us from Lindau to Wengen and then 5 days later use it from Wengen to Zurich Airport. We will then have 3 full days to explore the Jungfrau region until we depart on Friday morning to get to airport. I have been looking at the Jungfrau pass as well as the Berner Overland Pass. We like the convenience of not having to buy tickets at each stop – I priced out the half price card and the Jungfrau for what we expect to do and it was about even. Weather permitting, we hope to do the following hikes/excurisons…

    • Wengen – Mannlichen – walk to Kleine Scheidegg – train down to Grindelwald – Cable car Grund to Mannlichen – Wengen
    • Wengen – Grindelwald – First (round trip) – the First Flyer looks fun – is that included in pass?
    • Wengen to Muuren via train – Allemenhubel funicular – round trip – walk to Gimmelwald – cable car down to Stechelberg and either walk or bus back to Lauterbrunnen then back to Wengen.

    Would the Jungfrau pass cover all these cable cars/trains/funiculars etc? Is there anything the BO pass covers in this region that the Jungfrau does not?

    If we don’t expect to travel past Interlaken, should we stick with the Jungfrau pass plus the transfer passes -do you see any better options for us – its getting costly with four of us! But soooo worth it!

    Also do I need to buy the transfer passes in advance – can we buy it in Lindau and have Swiss Conductor validate on train Is there a train fee from Lindau to Swiss Border we also have to factor in? Thanks!

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