Good morning ticket and passes

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    26 July 2011 at 4:49:19 #804517

    I read the offer for Bernese Oberland pass (233 CHF 1+1 free) in september.
    We are doing most of the stuff by car, except for Jungfrau

    Since we are two people, we have the following options
    Buy the half fare card – And then take train to Jungfrau from Lauterbrunnen

    Buy the swiss regional pass for 233 and then take the train from klein scheddig

    Now, if the bernese pass discount was valid for good morning ticket, from Kleine, the ticket would be 45CHF instead of 90?

    Then 233+90 for 2 people = 323 will be quite cheap for us.

    Withotu any pass, we will be spending 260 anyways, with this pass we can explore some other stuff like boat rides and all.

    But I could not find anywhere about good morning ticket to jungfrau and passes.

    I would also like to know whether the passes (1+1 free for regional pass) is valid online only, or can I buy it once I reach the lauterbrunnen?

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    26 July 2011 at 13:49:57 #833588

    Hi tsk1979! If you want to be able to make some more trips by boat, cable car or funicular, you should buy one of the rail passes. As soon as you make a few trips by public transportation, that’s an economical option. Please note that many of the beautiful villages and viewing points can’t be reached by car at all and that you’ll be dependent of public transportation in quite some cases. So either a Swiss Half Fare Card or a Regional-Pass Bernese Oberland would be a good choice.

    Well, if you plan to make some more rail/gondola/boat journeys, you shouldn’t base your calculations on the Jungfraujoch trip only. Generally, you could make your choice as follows: if you’ll mainly be making short trips, but want to be able to get outside of the Bernese Oberland as well, a Swiss Half Fare Card will do. If you plan to concentrate on the Bernese Oberland/Jungfrau region and like the idea of a few days of unlimited traveling (for example when making a round trip to explore some of the highlights), the current 2 for 1 offer of the Regional-Pass Bernese Oberland would be a great option.

    As far as we know, the offer is for sale online only, so it can’t be purchased in Lauterbrunnen or other local railway stations. And please note that rail passes don’t provide further discounts on the good morning ticket, as explained in my answer to your question in this topic.

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    27 July 2011 at 1:32:30 #833589

    Thanks Annika!
    Since we have a rental car for all 5 days in switzerland, we can take 1+1 free offer for the bernese oberland pass, and dedicate one full day to Jungrau + Lake trips(free with pass) + couple of free attractions, and one day for a picnic on some high lake unreachable by car.

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