itinerary Swiss and Paris in 10 days

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    11 October 2014 at 12:15:31 #806685

    Hi Could you please help with this travel plan and suggest needful changes?

    We will be flying into Zurich on 16th Dec by noon from frankfurt. We wish to travel to St Moritz the same day and stay there for the night. Please suggest how to reach st moritz?

    17th- Glacier Express to Zermatt. Where do i get the tickets from? 17th night stay in zermatt

    18th – matterhorn and stay in zermatt.

    19th- zermatt to lucerne, lucerne lake and city tour.

    20th – jungfraujoch

    21st- paris. where should we exit from ??? we wish to travel by train

    21st- 26th in paris. flying bak to frankfurt on 26th morning.

    Please help urgently.

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    11 October 2014 at 16:53:30 #841218

    Hello annvarkey.

    Your itinerary is doable, but some days are very full. The timetable indicates travel times and routes (including Zurich-St. Moritz) and this will help you decide what is comfortable. If you want to save on traveling time, you could focus on one or two regions only, e.g. the Interlaken and Lucerne regions or only St. Moritz and Zermatt. But as I said, you can do things exactly like you’ve planned.

    You should certainly take a rail pass. Here‘s how to decide which one is best. Considering your current itinerary, I would advise a 3 or 4 day Swiss Saver Flexi Pass (please follow the link for detailed information) with free travel days on December 16, 17,( 19), and 21. You don’t need any tickets for these free travel days, not even for the Glacier Express. All you need for the Glacier Express journey is seat reservations in that case. Please find more information on our seat reservations page. On the remaing days, you should buy reduced tickets. You can do so at the railway stations.

    From Interlaken to Paris, you can travel via Bern and Basel. Direct trains leave from Basel to Paris. This trip too can be found in the timetable.

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    11 October 2014 at 18:11:21 #841219

    Thank u so much!! I wil get back to this post once i fix everything done! Ur informations are so valuable!

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    13 October 2014 at 20:59:28 #841220

    Hey guys!!

    we have modified the plan a little and this is just an option. Could you please compare with the previous and tell which is the best??

    16th – arrive zurich by noon. Catch train by eve to chur and stay overnight.

    17th morning catch glacier express to Zermatt and spend the night there.

    18th mrng visit mountains to view matterhorn and take a train to geneva for a quick sneak peak and come back to zermatt and stay there for the night. (How far is geneva frm zermatt? This plan is flexible. Just in case the climate is not good for mountain view).

    19th early morning leave zermatt to lauterbrunnen. (Please suggest a good scenic path. We will be taking the 4 day swiss saver pass). Check in to hotel and explore the village. We want to know if we paragliding will be there during this season. If so could you give us more info?

    20th mrng leave to Jungfraujoch. Suggest train route please. Stay over night at lauterbrunnen.

    21st mrng at leisure. By eve we intend to take flight to paris. We cannot access the train schedule for those dates from the timetable link you had given in last post.

    Suggestions please!!!

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    14 October 2014 at 18:45:21 #841221

    Hi annvarkey,

    Your second plan is better, although I would skip Geneva unless the weather is too bad to do anything in Zermatt. It’s a long trip and you would leave one of the most beautiful areas in Switzerland for a brief visit to a busy city. See the timetable Annika referred to for travel details, but do so in a week or so, when the schedules for December are available.

    Many trails will be inaccessible in December due to snow, but some will (usually) be open, such as Grütschalp to Mürren, which is an easy walk with great views. All Jungfraujoch information is here:

    Paragliding can be done all year round, but the weather needs to be good. For details, please contact one of the local companies, like or

    Taking a high speed train to Paris is much better than flying, and more enjoyable. From Interlaken (near Lauterbrunnen), you would take a train to Basel, then a high speed direct TGV from there to Paris. See here for how to get cheap tickets.

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    14 October 2014 at 19:51:38 #841222

    Thank u arno! I will skip geneva this time.

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