Passes / Single tickets for going alone?

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    23 September 2012 at 10:52:26 #805633

    Hi, Can you help to see what kind of passes (Swiss pass/ day pass / half fare card) or single tickets or combinations of tickets should I buy for this specific itinerary?
    As I’m going by myself alone, I will not be benefit from the 2 for 1 promotion of swiss pass.

    I think for the excursion to and from Salzburg, it should be better if I buy separate single tickets.

    Day A:
    20Oct (Sat)
    08:15 Arrive at Geneva airport
    Preparation for conference

    Day B:
    21 Oct (Sun)
    Geneva / nearby Lake cities

    Day C:
    22Oct (Mon)
    Geneva Conference
    Day D:
    23Oct (Tue)
    Geneva Conferenc
    Day E:
    24Oct (Wed)
    Geneva Conference

    Day 1:
    25Oct (Thu)
    Geneva -> Mortreax -> Zweisimmer ([u]Golden Pass[/u] Train)
    -> Bern (Meeting with Swiss friends)

    Day 2:
    26 Oct (Fri)
    Bern -> Grindelwald [u]->Jungfaujoch[/u]

    Day 3:
    27 Oct (Sat)
    Grindelwald -> Mannlichen (hiking)

    Day 4:
    28 Oct (Sun)
    Grindelwald -> Interlaken->locarno -> Ascona

    Day 5:
    29 Oct (Mon)
    Ascona -> Locarno-> St. Moritz
    -> (Bernina Express) -> Chur

    Day 6:
    30 Oct (Tue)
    09:09 Chur-> 13:58 Salzburg

    Day 7:
    31 Oct (Wed)

    Day 8:
    1Nov (Thur)
    10:02am Salzburg -> 16:25 Luzern

    Day 9
    2 Nov (Fri)
    Luzen -> Zurich

    Day 10
    3 Nov (Sat)
    22:40 Zurich -> Hong Kong (Plane)

    Do you have any comments about the itinerary route? Only the itinerary in grey are fixed. The other sites are subjected to changes. Any good lake cities around Geneva would you recommended for Day B?

    Thanks a lot for your kind help and support!

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    23 September 2012 at 14:15:44 #837267

    I don’t usually check these messages, but since I am going over in a few days, I was curious. Anyway, you asked for comments. So I will make one (with an accompanying question): Why go off to Salzburg when you are doing basically a Swiss tour ? You have left out some nice places in Switzerland as your itinerary stands right now. And Lucerne is right in the middle of the country so it would be easy to go to some other places not that far away, such as Gruyères and the ancient city of Morat in Fribourg, Neuchâtel just to the west with its lake and the beautiful Jura. Saint Gallen and hte Toggenburg (with the Santis) in northeastern Switzerland. You could also stretch your visit to Ticino by a day and visit Lugano nad Gandria and the mountains (easy climb) around Lugano. Take a boat ride on Lake Lucerne ! That is stunning !
    For your Day 1, I assume you mean Montreux.
    For your Day B, if you have bought a train pass, go up the lake to the area east of Lausanne. There are also wonderful boat rides on this lake (Léman). The scenery is fantastic seen from out on the water.
    One other thought, if you do buy a Swiss pass, you are wasting it when you are in Austria.

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    27 September 2012 at 10:11:08 #837268

    Welcome hkvanilla! I agree with peteralangford that it’s more attractive just to stay in Switzerland. As for rail passes: you probably won’t need much during your stay in Geneva. Your hotel will get you a Geneva Transport Card, allowing free urban transportation during your stay there. You can buy regular tickets for your trips on October 21. As of October 25, you should definitely use a rail pass since you plan to make long and expensive journeys. I think the Swiss Flexi Pass, using free travel days on October 25, 28, November 2 (and depending on your exact plans, maybe some other days in between) is a good option. The remaining days will be discounted. If you still need transportation in Zurich on your last day, consider the Zurich Card.

    You may be interested in our manually selected hotels for Geneva Airport, Geneva, Bern, Interlaken, St. Moritz, Lucerne, Zurich and Zurich Airport.

    peteralanford: enjoy your stay in Switzerland!

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