Saver Day Pass starting prices change

  • flooble
    15 June 2022 at 22:30:48 #827507

    Hello! I read your pages about the Saver Day Pass and have calculated that a combination of the Half Fare Card and a Saver Day Pass on the long travel days will be the best approach for my trip this summer.

    There are three days where I need a day pass and I’ve been logging on right at midnight Swiss time 60 days in advance to purchase them since all of the guidance says that they are cheaper the earlier you book. I’ve noticed that the starting price actually seems variable and I wanted to check on whether that is really the case or if something strange is happening.

    For example, on 13 August when I checked the first class was 49CHF while the second class was 39CHF. Today I checked on 15 August, and it started at 59CHF for first class while second class was still 39CHF. It was literally one minute past midnight so it’s hard for me to imagine that enough people had already purchased first class to move the price up to the next level. It’s been a little difficult to confirm my math about the best passes when the price seems so inconsistent–in this case I decided to stick with second class since there was a more significant difference between the two. Anyway I think my actual question here is whether the starting price at 60 days really does vary and what that might be dependent on. I’m not sure what to expect when I buy the tickets for 18 August in a few days!

  • Ildik_
    2623 posts
    16 June 2022 at 6:49:58 #943265

    Hi flooble and weclome to!

    We cannot really tell whynd how the price changes we suspect that it is by date and demand. Surely it has an algorithm behind the system but I do not think that anybody knows that perfectly.

    You are sure, it is difficult to calculate if the prices are changing. I recommend calculating the average cost of the Saver Day Pass. And at the time of the purchase, you can check the prices again and decide whether you want to buy the Saver Day Pass or just use your Swiss Half Fare Card for that trip/day.

    At HappyRail you can buy it earlier then 60 days, have a look at it:

    Does this help you a bit?

    Take care,


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