SWISS CARD validity

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    11 March 2013 at 11:56:27 #805845

    I am a little puzzled as to all the diferent types of passes/cards so hope you can help please.
    I am planning to fly to Zurich, travel by train to Locarno for three days, then train to Lauterbrunnen for four days. Then I shall travel by train to Zurich to fly back to the UK.
    It seems to me a Swiss Card would be best for me as it allows travel from Zurich to Locarno, and Lauterbrunnen to Zurich on the last day, with any other travel paid for at half fare rate.
    Am I correct in all this please? Thanks for your patience, Terry

  • Arno
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    11 March 2013 at 13:20:33 #838230

    Hello Terry,

    Assuming that you won’t make long day trips from Locarno and Lauterbrunnen, the Swiss Card is indeed a good choice. You can find the details here. The Swiss Card indeed includes both the transfers for free and 50% off other trips you’ll make, including Locarno to Lauterbrunnen.

    If you’re traveling with two or more people, the Swiss Saver Flexi Pass would be a bit cheaper. It includes 3 days of free traveling, so the long and relatively expensive transfer from Locarno to Lauterbrunnen would be free as well.

    UK residents can purchase either of the passes here

    Enjoy your stay!

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    11 March 2013 at 13:59:21 #838231

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply which eases my mind greatly. Thanks also for the link to Swiss Travel Centre which I did not know. Terry

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