Swiss card;About the border station

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    29 January 2011 at 21:36:00 #804105

    Nice to know this fantastic forum.
    I am going to stay in Verbier during coming March.
    My flight will arrive at Zurich airport at 26/02 late evening, and I will stay in Zurich downtown for 1 night and then, head to Verbier next day.
    I am planning to buy “Swiss Card” for round trip and some short distance sightseeings during my stay in Verbier.
    My question is “Can I start my trip to Verbier from the Zurich HB, or should I come back to the Zurich Flughafen for the begining of Swiss Card train trip?”
    For the returning trip, I will come back from Verbier to Zurich airport directly.
    Is the Zurich HB a border station?

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    30 January 2011 at 8:48:28 #832132

    Hello iccarus! The Swiss Card is valid from airport and border stations. Zurich HB isn’t a border station, but Zurich Airport is, of course, an airport station. If you purchase your Swiss Card, it depends on the reseller how the pass must be validated. Some resellers (a.o. Swiss Travel Centre) issue Swiss Cards that you can validate yourself. All you have to do is write down the date on which you want to start using your Swiss Card. In this case, you can simply write down the date of 27/02 and start using your Swiss Card the day after arrival from Zurich HB.

    Other resellers, however, such as RailEurope, issue passes that have to be validated by a railway official at the station. This goes for purchasing the pass at Zurich Airport as well. In these cases, you can ask the railway official at Zurich Airport to validate the pass for 27/02 instead of 26/02, and ask if it’s okay to start using it from Zurich HB instead of Zurich Airport.

    If you want to know all details on validating your Swiss Card, you can best contact the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) or the resellers I just mentioned (RailEurope and STC).

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    30 January 2011 at 11:34:34 #832133

    So sweet to reply so promptly!
    I live in South Korea, and I ordered the Swiss Card at the Rail-Europe office in SEOUL, KOREA.
    And so, I should make the card validated at the station in Swiss.
    My flight will arrive at around 8 PM and, I should be able to exit the customs after 9 PM.
    Do I have to validate the card at border/airport station?
    If so, is the station office at airport still open at that time, Saturday evening?
    Thank you for your kindness.

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    1 February 2011 at 10:53:09 #832134

    Hi iccarus. Yes, you should validate your Swiss Card at the airport station and ask them to validate it for 27/02. The office should still be open by 9pm. Opening hours for the Zurich airport station can be found through the SBB website.

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