Swiss Pass, Half Fare Card or 4 day Swiss Card

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    This is my itinerary for a 7 day trip to Switzerland with the point-to-point train trips I will need.

    1 Zurich Lucerne
    2 Lucerne Mt. Pilatus
    3 Lucerne Interlaken
    4 Interlaken Lauterbrunnen
    4 Lauterbrunnen Murren (RT)
    4 Murren Schilthorn (RT)
    5 Lauterbrunnen Wengen (RT)
    5 Wengen Jungfraujoch (RT)
    6 Lauterbrunnen Zermatt
    6 Zermatt Matterhorn (RT)
    7 Zermatt Bern

    Bern Munich (already booked)

    What would be my best option from the following 3?

    a) Swiss Pass starting from Zurich to Lucerne and Zermatt to Bern with 50% everywhere in between
    b) Half Fare card everywhere
    c) 4 day consecutive saver pass (2 of us) for days 4-7 and full price otherwise.


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    15 June 2011 at 2:27:50 #833156

    Hi svrider,

    You can calculate exactly if you want, but from my experience I would say that option b (Swiss Half Fare Card) is the cheapest. It seems like you mean a Swiss Flexi Pass with option a, buit there isn’t a 2-day version available, and also Zurich – Lucerne is relative short to use a free travel day for. Option c would be expensive as days 4-7 start with 2 days of short trips and also the Swiss Saver Pass gets you less discount on the Jungfraujoch than the Swiss Half Fare Card.

    Does this help?

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