Swiss rail Pass & top of the mountain privileges?

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    1. I’m confused with Swiss Rail Pass;

    Please advise if Bernia Express, golden pass express, glacier Express cable car or Mt Titlis, boating at lake zurich or other lakes are free or discounted.

    If its discounted only, then how much extra I will have to pay for Bernia Express and Cable car at Mountain. Titlis

    Any cable car or coger wheel train or boat is free with swiss rail pass?… 1 of each will be enough to serve my craving

    2. Regarding itinerary:

    Suggest me an initial itinerary to choose base town/s, so I can start my research accordingly. I will be entering from Paris staying 4 nights and leaving via Zurich Airport. Possibly in June.

    My preference is as you can see from above, all beautiful scenery, mountains and etc .. sports not my cup of tea.

    In last, I must say after browsing this website, its feel like I been to switzerland already. Appreciated

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    Hi lookyass,

    I’m glad to hear you like browsing our website! Regarding the rail pass: I suppose you mean the Swiss Travel Pass, right? You need to look at routes, not at train types. If a route is included on the map, then all trains there are free. The only thing special about the Bernina Express and Glacier Express is that you need to buy seat reservations. You can buy those when you order your rail pass. The map also shows that boats are free, and most cable cars (including Titlis) are discounted by 50%. The Mount Rigi cogwheel train is free, for example. It’s all on the map. Be sure to carefully check Swiss Travel Pass prices and promotions here. Buying online is cheaper.

    There are countless options for your 4 days. You can best first determine which attractions you wish to visit. In case of the Glacier Express for example, you’re more or less tied to staying in or near Zermatt and St. Moritz, where the train departs. These are wonderful areas with all the mountain scenery you want. Many practical tips can be found in the planning section of the site. All the links provided in my post should help too.

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    Thanks for your quick n valuable reply. This will surely help me to prepare my trip

    meanwhile please advise me about “swiss travel pass” . If i first use my pass lets say around 8 pm then 1st day of pass will be upto 12pm same night or upto next day 8pm.

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    Hi lookyass,

    The start time of the pass does not matter, it works with calendar days only. Please see here for a full explanation.

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    Thanks again.

    Further, i will be purchasing 2 adult from rail europe gcc.

    – when entering to swiss from paris via tgv lyria, will i get any disount and to get this discount at which point pass to be validated.

    – I believe my 2 years old daughter will be free but do I need to enter her details when purchasing.

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    Hello lookyass,

    You need tickets from Paris to the Swiss border (most probably Basel, depending on where you would go to first). From there you can travel for free with the Swiss Travel Pass and you don’t need tickets. Please see here for ticket prices from Paris to Basel: More details are available through traintickets/france.

    The Swiss Travel Pass is available from You may be able to get a discount. Your pass can be validated by the staff on board of the train from Paris. If your train continues on to your destination after Basel, you can stay seated as your pass is valid by then.

    Children under 5 travel for free, even without the Swiss Family Card.

    Kind regards,


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