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    I am currently in Montreux due to some official purpose and would like to explore switzerland during my stay. Since, Montreux is the approachable palce from everywhere, so please suggest some better options for travel kitty and train passes like half fare, or swiss pass etc which would be much benefitial for me. I would prefer to go over to different palces over weekends and be back to Montreux on Sunday night or monday morning. Also, I would like to go to different palce in parts as I have 4-5 complete weekends that I am planning to utilize.

    Places that I would like to visit in Switzerland and close by are:

    1. Zermatt
    2. Interlaken
    3. jungfraujoch
    4. Zurich
    5. Rhine Falls
    6. Lucrene
    7. Paris(Out of switzerland)

    Please suggest some best options n places that I can visit among all these places. Also, I’ll be travelling all alone so please suggest accordingly.

    Thanks in Advance

    Sumit Sharma

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    Hello Sumit Sharma, and welcome to the forum! I think you’d be best off with a Swiss Half Fare Card or a Swiss Flexi Pass. An advantage of the Swiss Flexi Pass is that it allows free traveling on a number of days. You can use them for your weekend trips and you won’t have to buy any additional tickets for your train, bus and boat trips (mountain trips such as the Jungfraujoch are discounted). Both passes are valid for (a maximum of) 1 month, so they will cover a large part of your stay.

    The timetable will help you plan your stay. You can also take a look at this day trip overview for day trips near Interlaken and this one for the Zermatt region. Browsing this forum will get you tips for you stay in Zurich and Lucerne as well.

    I hope you have a great stay in Montreux!

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