What is the best train pass for group of 4?

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    25 September 2016 at 11:30:39 #810154

    Hello. We are group of 4 friends travelling to Swiss. Our itinerary is as below

    Day 1. Innsbruck to Zurich … Black forest n Rhine falls. Overnite at Zürich

    Day 2. Zurich to Lucerne. Day trip to Mt. Titlis

    Day 3: Lucerne to Jungfrau.

    Day 4. Lucerne to Berne or Zermatt.

    Day 5. Lucerne to Milan, Italy

    Pls suggest what should be the choice of travel passes to travel economical. I was thinking 4 x 1-day pass (group pass) + 1x Swiss half-fare travelcard. Is it cheaper than Swiss travel pass and is equally good?



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    25 September 2016 at 15:07:12 #856195

    Welcome to MySwissAlps, Sandy!

    If it’s the 1-day pass as discussed here I would think that’s indeed your cheapest option. The coverage is nearly the same as the Swiss Travel Pass, but you won’t get free museums entrance.

    The Swiss Half Fare Card can best be printed at home: please visit http://www.swissrailways.com/ en. After filling out your address, they will show the delivery options. Pick “Online Ticket” from the bottom of the list. They will e-mail the card (no delivery fees) within 1-3 business days.

    As for day 1: you only need a ticket from Innsbruck to Buchs SG (the border) as the day pass covers the rest of the trip to Zurich. Please see myswissalps.com/ traintickets/austria/ price.

    As for day 5: you only need a regular ticket from Chiasso (the border) to Milan as you can again use the day pass for Lucerne to Chiasso. Please see myswissalps.com/ traintickets/italy/ price.

    Note that you will only have one afternoon in Zurich on day 1. You can visit the Rhine Falls within that time, but not the Black Forest.

    Enjoy the trip!

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    9 October 2016 at 7:55:29 #856196

    Hello, Thanks for your reply. I have taken one Half-fare card and will be taking the 1-day travel pass plus. Pls let me know if all 4 of us can avail discount on the mountain trains to Jungfrau and cable car to Titlis? Would we get any discount on the Panasonic / glacier trains?



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    9 October 2016 at 12:22:13 #856197

    Hi Sandeep,

    The Glacier Express is included for all 4 of you, except for the seat reservations. I’m not sure when you travel but the Glacier Express does not operate from October 24 to December 10. Regular trains on the same route will operate though.

    I don’t know about discounts on mountain trains and cable cars for this particular offer. It’s mainly an offer for Swiss residents but seems to work for tourists too, however for details please refer to the SBB site as mentioned in the other thread. I would think you get discounts for all travelers there as well, but you’d have to check with them.

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