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Route details Grubenwald - Boltigen

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How to get there & route details

The trip to Grubenwald, and route details.

How to get there and back

Grubenwald can be reached by train from Spiez or Zweisimmen. The same trains stop in Boltigen too.


The hike starts in the woody area around Grubenwald. From the small train stop, you immediately cross the river Simme and turn left to reach the settlement of Lee as you walk parallel to the river. You need to cross the main road here to continue to follow the footpath. You will cross the railway via an underpass and reach the village of Garstatt.

Then you need to cross the main road again, then cross the Simme a bit further on, to continue your way on the small path right of the Simme. Keep following this path, that sometimes runs right next to the river, and sometimes is about 200 m (600 ft) apart from it. Near Reidenbach, you need stay on the right side of the river to continue to Boltigen.


Schedules of the trains to Grubenwald and Boltigen.

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