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Route details of the hike Herbriggen - Täsch

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How to get there & route details

How to travel to Herbriggen, and how to walk to Täsch.

How to get there and back

Herbriggen can be reached by train or by car from Visp/Brig or from Randa/Täsch/Zermatt.

From Täsch there are trains to Visp/Brig and back to Randa/Herbriggen. Also there are many trains to Zermatt, and there's a large parking facility.


Follow the signs to Randa from Herbriggen. From the railway station in Herbriggen, you will first cross a bridge over the Mattervispa, and then turn left so that you will walk up along the river. The path bends away from the river a bit later, then ascends for a few tens of meters. Then it descends until it gets back to the river. Keep following the asphalt road as you are walking along the Grossgufer. The trail continues on the right side of the road a bit further on, but you can take the shortcut to Randa by keeping on the asphalt road, which crosses the railroad a bit further. Cross the main road and take the road diagonally to the right, which enters the village of Randa. You will reach the railway station in a couple of hundreds of meters.

Turn right again at the end of the road following the signs to Wildi and Täsch. You will reach Wildi in about 500 m (1600 ft). At the chapel, it is worthwhile to view the narrow street with wooden houses at the left. Just before the chapel, the route continues to the right. You will cross the main road and a bridge takes you to the other side of the Mattervispa. Turn left after the bridge. This path crosses a piece of forest and then continues up the river. You will pass a small lake at your right. When approaching Täsch, the railway station can be seen across the river. When you have passed the railway station, turn left to cross the bridge and the railway. Turn left to enter the village and turn left again a bit further on to reach the railway station.


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