Eurail Global Pass area of validity in Switzerland

Where can I travel with the Eurail Global Pass in Switzerland?

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Where in Switzerland can I travel with the Eurail Global Pass?

Download the network map below to see where you can travel. In case of non-consecutive passes you can travel on the free routes on your selected travel days only. But you can travel on the discounted routes on any day.

Download the map

How the map works

  • Free and discounted traveling is explained in the lower left corner of page 1 (note that boats are discounted as explained below);
  • There is a detailed map of Switzerland on page 1 on the right;
  • Traveling with the Eurail Global Pass applies to all trains that operate on the indicated lines and that are listed in the timetables. The train type (InterCity, local, panoramic) and the operating company do not matter;
  • Note that many high speed trains from France to other countries offer a limited number of seats for Eurail pass holders, so please book early. This limit does not apply to TGV Lyria trains connecting France to Switzerland. Details:;
  • More pass benefits can be found on For example: discounts on accommodation and discounts on purchases at the Landquart Fashion Outlet.

Top attractions covered by the Eurail Global Pass

Bernina Express

  • Train from Chur to Tirano: free
  • Seat reservations: no discount

Boat trip Lake Brienz

  • Boat trip on Lake Brienz: 50% off

Boat trip Lake Geneva

  • Boat trip on Lake Geneva: 50% off

Boat trip Lake Lucerne

  • Boat trip on Lake Lucerne: 50% off

Boat trip Lake Thun

  • Boat trip on Lake Thun: 50% off

Boat trip Lake Zurich

  • Boat trip on Lake Zurich: 50% off
  • Surcharge: no discount

Glacier Express

  • Train from Zermatt to St. Moritz: free
  • Seat reservations and surcharge: no discount

Golden Pass line

  • Train from Montreux to Lucerne: free

Gotthard Panorama Express

  • Boat from Lucerne to Flüelen and train from Flüelen to Bellinzona: free
  • Seat reservations and surcharge: no discount

Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe

  • Train from Interlaken to Jungfraujoch: 25% off
  • Train to Interlaken: free


  • Cableway/train from Kriens or Alpnachstad to Pilatus: 30% off
  • Train to Lucerne or Alpnachstad: free
  • Bus from Lucerne to Kriens: no discount

Rhine Falls

  • Train to the Rhine Falls: free
  • Attractions and boat trips: no discount


  • Train from Arth-Goldau or Vitznau to Mount Rigi: 50% off
  • Cableway from Weggis to Rigi Kaltbad: 50% off
  • Train to Arth-Goldau: free
  • Boat to Vitznau or Weggis: free


  • Cable car from Mürren to Schilthorn: 25% off
  • Train and cable car from Interlaken to Mürren: 25% off

Schynige Platte

  • Train from Wilderswil to Schynige Platte: 25% off
  • Train to Wilderswil: 25% off


  • Cable car from Stans to Stanserhorn: 50% off
  • Train to Stans: free


  • Cable car from Engelberg to Mount Titlis: 50% off
  • Train to Engelberg: free
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