Min. time required: 7:00
Season: mid June to mid October
Recommended season: mid June to mid October
Max. altitude: 2343 m (7687 ft)

Why use this Jungfrau Region itinerary? Copy link to clipboard

The Jungfrau Region is relatively small. Still it deserves much more time than a day: you need at least a week to explore the region properly.

But if you don't have much time, or if you're interested in a quick introduction, this one-day trip might be just what you need. It allows you to combine the Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald valleys in one day, and all with great scenery.

The route we suggest is varied and includes regular trains, cogwheel trains, cableways, a bus, and two optional walks. We recommend including at least one of these walks to get a feel for the region up close, rather than just from a train window.

The Jungfrau Region is mostly car-free. You can't do this trip, or even a similar one, by car.

Prices for this round trip Copy link to clipboard

Rail pass versus full-fare tickets

The price of this trip depends on the tickets or rail pass you use. You can buy full-fare tickets for each stretch of the route, but this will be quite costly.

Chances are you will be staying in the region or in Switzerland for a longer time, and that you'll buy a rail pass to save money. Most of this Jungfrau Region day trip will be discounted or even free if you buy the right rail pass.

These resources can help:

Prices for Schynige Platte, Männlichen and Kleine Scheidegg

Prices for the mountain trips of this round can be found through:

Tickets for excursions in this day trip Copy link to clipboard

Jungfraujoch: Roundtrip to the Top of Europe by Train
Jungfraujoch: Roundtrip to the Top of Europe by Train
See the world from Jungfraujoch, Europe’s highest-altitude railway station, 3,454 meters above sea level. After a scenic train ride to the top, enjoy the amenities and stunning views of the Alps.

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Eiger Express 3S Cable Car Ticket from Grindelwald Terminal to Eiger Glacier
Eiger Express 3S Cable Car Ticket from Grindelwald Terminal to Eiger Glacier
Glide through the air to reach the Eiger Glacier with the state-of-the-art Eiger Express

Offered by Klook: www.klook.com

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From Lauterbrunnen: Roundtrip Train and Jungfraujoch Ticket
From Lauterbrunnen: Roundtrip Train and Jungfraujoch Ticket
Enjoy a roundtrip train ticket from Lauterbrunnen to Europe’s highest-altitude railway station at 3,454 meters above sea level. Enjoy the amenities at the top with admission to Jungfraujoch.

Offered by GetYourGuide: www.getyourguide.com

  • Easy, online, free cancellation in most cases
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Duration, directions and map Copy link to clipboard

How long this day trip takes

You need about 7 hours to complete the round trip from Interlaken, without any breaks. Your actual traveling time is determined by whether or not you make one of the suggested hikes, and by the number of photo stops or food breaks along the way.

In any case, count on a full day of traveling. We advise leaving early, preferably no later than 08:00.

How to use this itinerary

Our suggestion starts and ends in Interlaken. Of course you can start and end anywhere else along the route instead. Add or remove any of the side excursions in the Jungfrau Region as you wish.

Whatever you choose, plan your trip ahead with the aid of the timetable.

The route description

Section 1: Interlaken Ost to Schynige Platte

You'll take the train to Wilderswil and change to Schynige Platte: a wonderful viewing point to see the Bernese Alps from a distance before getting closer to them later in the day. If you're traveling outside of the Schynige Platte operation season, travel straight from Interlaken Ost to Grütschalp and proceed with section 3.

Approximate travel time: 1h00

Section 2: Schynige Platte to Grütschalp

Take the train down to Wilderswil and another train to Lauterbrunnen. Switch to the cableway up to Grütschalp (a stop for travelers on their way to Mürren).

Approximate travel time: 1h30 - 2h00

Section 3: Grütschalp to Mürren

Option 1: take the train to Mürren (sit on the left for the best view).

Option 2: walk to Mürren.

Find our full explanation of travel options between Lauterbrunnen and Mürren here.

Approximate travel time: 0h15 (train) - 1h30 (walk)

Section 4: Mürren to Wengen

Walk to the other end of town to take the cable car down to Stechelberg. Take the bus back to Lauterbrunnen from there. Then take the train up to Wengen.

Approximate travel time: 1h00

Section 5: Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg

Option 1: stay seated and continue on the train to Kleine Scheidegg (which is en route to Jungfraujoch).

Option 2: take the cableway up to Männlichen. Check operation dates: the cable car runs in summer and winter months, but not in low-season periods. Make the panoramic walk over to Kleine Scheidegg.

Approximate travel time: 0h25 (train) - 1h45 (cableway and walk)

Section 6: Kleine Scheidegg to Interlaken Ost

Take a train down to Grindelwald. Sit on the right for an up-close view of the Eiger or on the left for a wider view. Change for Interlaken in Grindelwald.

Approximate travel time: 1h25

Take a break from traveling!

There are good views all day long. But it's worth it to take breaks. Good places to do so are Schynige Platte, Mürren, Wengen, and Kleine Scheidegg. These are locations to enjoy the views, or to have lunch or a coffee. Shopping can be done in Interlaken, Mürren, Wengen, and Grindelwald.

Map of our 1-day Jungfrau Region tour

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Operation times and timetable info Copy link to clipboard

Operation of transport to the villages

Lauterbrunnen, Mürren, Wengen and Grindelwald are accessible all year.

Find details in the travel sections of our village guides:

Operation dates for Schynige Platte, Männlichen and Kleine Scheidegg

Check details for each of the mountain locations below:

How to plan your trip with the Swiss timetable

We recommend making a detailed schedule for your itinerary. You'll find each stretch in the Swiss timetable. If you're not familiar with it, this guide can help.

You'll need to enter the exact correct destinations in the timetable. Which names to use can be found in each of our town and activity guides mentioned above.

Best months for the Jungfrau Region day tour Copy link to clipboard

The best season for this route is mid June to mid October. That's when all transportation on this route is usually available. The exact opening dates can vary each year, so check for your travel dates.

If you travel in other months, check the timetables carefully too. You may have to adjust the itinerary in low season, if transportation operates less frequently or not at all on particular legs.

Weather tips and forecast Copy link to clipboard

How to dress

Dress for the mountains: take sun glasses and several layers of clothing, as temperatures will vary throughout the day. It will be much colder at Schynige Platte, Männlichen and Kleine Scheidegg than in Interlaken for example.

If you plan to do one of the hikes, make sure you have appropriate gear.

What kind of weather you need

This trip is best in dry weather, and perfect if it's sunny. If there are many (low) clouds, the views from the mountains on this route can get blocked. Check forecasts and webcams showing live images from the mountain tops shortly before leaving.

Skip the suggested hikes from Grütschalp and Männlichen if heavy rain or thunderstorms can occur. Even though these are relatively easy paths, hiking in such weather conditions can get dangerous.

Forecasts for Lauterbrunnen

Check the forecast for Lauterbrunnen below. It's more or less in the center of this route. Have a look at the forecasts of other locations too, to make sure weather is good enough throughout your trip:

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Weather forecast

Travel guides for the Jungfrau Region Copy link to clipboard

Valley station of cable car to Grütschalp in Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen to Mürren

All the details you should know about the two ways to reach Mürren from Lauterbrunnen: by cable car and train …
Wengen, Lauterbrunnen and Lauterbrunnen Valley from Männlichen

Lauterbrunnen to Wengen

Getting from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen is easy and very scenic. We explain all about the 12-minute trip by cogwheel train.

All details about the activities in this tour Copy link to clipboard

Schynige Platte cogwheel train

Schynige Platte

During the scenic cogwheel train ride from Wilderswil to Schynige Platte, breathtaking views of the Jungfrau mountains unfold. Expect even …
Mönch, Jungfraujoch, Tschuggen and Jungfrau from Männlichen


Männlichen is a mountain offering a 360° view of the Jungfrau Region. You can reach it from Grindelwald and Wengen. …
Jungfraujoch mountain station and Konkordiaplatz


The Jungfraujoch excursion isn't cheap, but it's spectacular. We explain how to bring down costs, how to get there from …

Our guides for the towns in the Jungfrau area Copy link to clipboard

Höheweg main street in center of Interlaken


Interlaken is the central town in the Bernese Oberland, and the gate to the famous Jungfrau Region. We share our …
View of Eiger and Mönch from the outskirts of Mürren


The car-free alpine village of Mürren is perched on a cliff high above the Lauterbrunnen Valley in the Bernese Oberland. …
View over Wengen and tops of western Lauterbrunnen Valley


Wengen is a car-free alpine village in the Jungfrau Region, surrounded by hiking trails in summer and ski slopes in …
Street in Grindelwald center with Wetterhorn view


Grindelwald in the Jungfrau Region has all tourist facilities you can wish for, and is at a very scenic spot …
Lauterbrunnen village with Staubbach Fall


The small and scenic village of Lauterbrunnen is the gateway to the Lauterbrunnen Valley, and to the mountain villages Wengen …

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