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Centovalli Railway

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Must knows about the Centovalli Railway

Centovalli river Melezza near Intragna

A train on the Centovalli railway is crossing the river Melezza near Intragna.

The Centovalli railway

The Centovalli railway offers a unique train journey across remote valleys in northern Italy and southern Switzerland. It's part of the rail connection from Brig to Locarno.


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A journey on the Centovalli Railway

The scenic route runs through the Centovalli (meaning "100 valleys" in Italian) and shows another side of Switzerland: rocky gorges, quaint stone villages and many waterfalls.

A ride on this train is either a very nice day trip, or a good way to travel from south-west Switzerland (Geneva, Montreux, Zermatt) to south-east Switzerland (Locarno, Lugano, St. Moritz)

The route

The Centovalli trains run between the Italian town of Domodossola the Swiss town of Locarno, in the canton of Ticino. It runs across 83 bridges, 31 tunnels and along numerous waterfalls as it winds its way through the narrow valleys in the region.

Read more about the route here.

The trains

There are two types of trains that travel this route. The most attractive one is the modern Treno Panoramico Vigezzo Vision. Additionally there is the more standard train named Centovalli Express. 

Both trains run quite slowly, so you can soak up the views and take pictures. Snacks and beverages can be purchased on board. Audioguides with information about the route are available too.

The Treno Panoramico Vigezzo Vision offers one special seat situated beside the driver in the first train carriage. Great for photographers and videographers!

What’s the best season?

Any season can be great if the sky is clear enough to enjoy the views. Spring time (late March to mid June) is very attractive because of the waterfalls along the route. We think winter is the least interesting, as this area typically does not get much snowfall and there can be grey, rainy days instead.

Lago Maggiore Express

The Centovalli railway is part of the Lago Maggiore Express: a day trip including a boat ride and a regular train as well.

Combine the Centovalli line with other scenic train routes

The Centovalli line can be combined with other scenic trains. Such combinations provide wonderful trips between the Ticino region and other areas.

Insider tips about the Centovalli Railway

  • Stop at the town of Re for a visit to a spectacular church: the Sanctuary of our Lady of Blood.
  • Numerous hikes into the valleys can be started from he stops along the route. A popular route starts in Verdasio with a cable car ride to the car-free town of Rasa. The hike then goes to Corcapolo or Intragna.
  • Get out at Tegna or Pontre Brolla for a stroll along the Maggia river.
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