Advice on Swiss itinerary and pass – end of April

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    5 March 2016 at 8:29:49 #808541

    Hi I need some more advice on my Swiss trip. I had started a thread earlier but seems closed now. Sorry for opening another thread. I am coming in from Munich, so here’s my plan.

    25th April – Munich to Zermatt. I am getting tickets on DB website (Munich – Zurich – Visp – Zermatt) but I am not getting seat reservations.

    For this part of the journey I don’t need a Swiss Travel Pass I guess as the ticket includes the journey up till Zermatt.

    Can you advice which Zermatt station is the main station for all the transport so that I can book my hotel close by.

    26th April – Matterhorn and Travel to Interlaken

    27th April – Jungfrau and then travel to Lucerne using Goldenpass.

    One question on Interlaken stations. I plan to book my hotel near Interlaken OST. Based on my itinerary do all trains arrive and depart from here?

    Is Goldenpass part of the Swiss Travel Pass?

    28th April – mt Titlis from Lucerne

    29th April – mt Pilatis form Lucerne

    30th April – leave for Zurich to catch flight back at 11pm

    is this doable as I have modified my plan based on you previous suggestions.I love snow capped mountains so that would be surely my top preference.Advice on the train journey and travel pass is highly appreciated. will help me firm my itinerary.

    thanks in advance


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    6 March 2016 at 8:40:13 #849058

    Hi raunakkabra,

    Zermatt only has one train station and it’s simply called “Zermatt”. All other station names you may have seen are local cable car/cogwheel train stations and bus stops. Please see rmatt/hotels for hotel suggestions.

    Yes, all trains depart and arrive from Interlaken Ost. Some trains also pass through Interlaken West, but Ost is the main train station. For hotels near one of these stations, please se terlaken/hotels.

    The Golden Pass trains and all other main line trains in Switzerland are free with the Swiss Travel Pass: isstravelpass/validity. Please see here for where to buy the pass. Currently the best and easiest way is to order through en and pick “Online Ticket” as the delivery option. They will e-mail the pass so you can print it at home.

    Your itinerary is certainly doable. The main risk is staying for just one night in Zermatt and Interlaken, because you won’t have the opportunity to wait for good weather for the mountain excursions.

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    12 March 2016 at 5:26:18 #849059

    Thanks for the reply and suggestions.

    i have one important question regarding the clothes to carry.

    And is it possible to hire something, specially for the snow capped mountains visit, as we don’t really have those waterproof boots. Any buying them for just the trip doesn’t seem viable.

    Please advice.


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    12 March 2016 at 13:00:51 #849060

    Hi raunakkabra,

    Higher up in the mountains, it can still be quite chilly in April. Dressing warmly in multiple thin layers is usually the best option. Please check our weather page for further information.

    If you’re not planning to do any serious hiking, good solid shoes for your mountain top visits should be sufficient. You can use a special shoe spray to waterproof them. Sports shops in tourist towns do allow you to rent gear, but I don’t think that’s necessary for the type of trips you’ll be making.

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