Advise needed for Zurich, Lucerne, Jungfrau,

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    26 April 2015 at 17:14:31 #807132

    Hi experts,

    i will be travelling to Zurich on 9 may, spend a night there, before leaving on the 10 to rhine falls and moving on to Lucerne in the afternoon. Is Zurich HB the main train station? how do i get to this train station from the airport? please also let me know which station i need to purchase if i want to go to Rhine Falls.

    GoldenPass Segment: Can you advise me, if i leave lucerne @ 6am, like to take the scenic train to interlaken ost. From there, how should i book the remaining tickets to get to Jungfrau? are there any towns along this segment i should drop in for late lunch perhaps?

    Say i am back @ interlaken OST by 3pm, would i have time to do one more leg of golden pass trip before going back to Lucerne for the night? or would it be better for me to explore interlaken and the region?

    Finally, is 1 day enough for me to visit pilatus, Lake Lucerne and Lion Monument?

    I presume, if i buy the 3 day pass, it should be used for the above 3 days ;p

    Recommendations please. Thanks all

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    27 April 2015 at 6:50:28 #842706

    Thank you for joining us, beetlebum, and welcome!

    First of all, if you won’t be traveling on more than the three days you describe, the 3 day Swiss Travel Pass would indeed be a good fit. An alternative is the Swiss Half Fare Card, but that requires you to buy discounted tickets for each trip. Let’s take a look at your further questions:

    • yes, Zurich HB is the main rail station. All you have to do is enter your departure and arrival stations in the timetable to find details on train connections. It’s a very short ride from the airport to the main station, and it’s explained here as well;
    • the trip to the Rhine Falls is explained here;
    • you can buy your tickets up the Jungfraujoch once you arrive at the Interlaken rail station. I wouldn’t book them in advance if I were you, since you should only get up there if skies are clear;
    • you could make a short ride further on to Zweisimmen along the Golden Pass route in the afternoon, but if weather is nice I’d personlly prefer to enjoy some more of the Interlaken region, e.g. by making an easy hike in the Lauterbrunnen valley or making a boat trip to Brienz, continuing your journey back to Lucerne by train from Brienz;
    • yes, you will manage to visit the Pilatus, the monument and the lake all in one day. Take a good look at weather forecasts and try to plan your Pilatus visit at the best moment of the day.

    Does this help you out?

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    27 April 2015 at 11:52:56 #842707

    Hi Annika,

    Thank You for the prompt reply.

    For the half price card, i need 2 for 2 person travelling? or 1 half price card can be used for 2 person (My hope is FAT, i know)?

    my trip is planned in such a way that i probably need the swiss travel pass for the 3 or 4 consecutive days:

    Day 1: Zurich, city. Day 2: Rhine Falls -> Lucerne. if i leave my luggage at Zurich HB, how should i buy my single trip ticket? Zurich to Neuhasen one way and Neuhausen to Lucerne 1 way? i need to pick up my luggage at Zurich HB after my day trip to Rhine Falls

    Day 3: Lucerne => Jungfrau, Day 4: Lucerne to Pilatus +Lake Lucerne + Monument. Inter-changable days

    Day 5: Lucerne to Bern. Appreciate if you highlight what should i not missed. Day 6 Bern.

    Day 7 Bern to Basel to Euroairport

    i was thinking to get get 2 full price swiss travel pass for day 2, 3, 4.

    Thank you so much for your reply, i should have discover this site earlier!

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    27 April 2015 at 12:42:40 #842708

    Hi beetlebum,

    I’m glad to hear you found MySwissAlps to be useful! All prices listed on our website are per person. You can’t buy a pass for one person and use it for two. If you buy 4-day Swiss Travel Passes you can also use it on day 5. The price difference of the pass is about equal to the price of regular ticket, but in addition you can use the pass for public transport and museums in Bern, if needed.

    Pass resellers can be found here. In your case you can purchase your pass from /swiss-pass in order to save some money as compared to buying it in Switzerland.

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    27 April 2015 at 14:00:26 #842709

    Hi Arno,

    Fantastic web resource you guys have put up. and the advise given: out of the world! i had a hard time going around SBB website trying to understand some stuff.

    if i buy a 4 day pass @ CHF251, i can use it on day 5?

    does it apply for buying a 3 day pass @ CHF 210 and i can use it on day 4?

    Sorry but its my first time in Europe not to mention Switzerland. My host in Bern mention they have the Bern City transport pass available for us

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    27 April 2015 at 14:13:45 #842710

    Hi again,

    Sure, if you buy a 4-day pass you can use it for day 2, 3, 4 and 5. Don’t buy it for CHF 251 though, but get it to the provided link. It’s cheaper and you can pay in your own currency.

    Indeed, if you stay in Bern you can get free public transport, please see here.

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