What is best way to do this

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    We are (family of 4 people) are traveling from Berlin, Germany to Berne, Switzerland. We are traveling with an Eurail Global Pass. Our plan is to spend just a day in Switzerland to cover Jungfrau and Titlis, and take one of the scenic trains, perhaps Bernina Express to Milan, Italy. After we booked a hotel in Berlin, we realized it is a pretty long trip from Berlin-Bern. Hotel has a no-refund policy. So we are kinda stuck with Berlin.

    Here are my questions:

    • First, is it possible to cover Jungfrau and Titlis in a day and catch Bernina?
    • If we decided to lose money over hotel reservations and drop Berlin, what is the best city in Germany to stay that would give us shortest possible travel time to Switzerland so we have enough time to cover both Jungfrau and Titlis.
    • We are open to flights if it helps cut down travel time
    • Any other suggestions/recommendation are welcome too

    Look forward to your response.

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    Hi Nickveen! I’m afraid your plans aren’t realistic. If you want to travel from Berlin to a Swiss destination and head onto Milan all in one day, without an overnight stay in Switzerland, you won’t even make it to either the Jungfraujoch or the Titlis, let alone both plus a scenic train. Please refer to the timetable; all traveling times, including trips from and to bordering countries, can be found there. It will help you estimate whether your plans are doable timewise.

    You may consider getting a night train (CityNightLine). If you leave Berlin in the evening, you can be up at the Jungfraujoch around noon the next day and then continue your trip to Milano. It would more relaxed though to book an overnight in a Swiss town such as Basel, Zurich, Lucerne or Interlaken. That would give you a full day, or at least a full morning, to enjoy a scenic trip such as the Titlis or Jungfraujoch. The most obvious route to Milan would be via Domodossola or Chiasso; the Bernina Express from Chur would be a long detour.

    Depending on your exact travel plans, it may be worth looking into a rail pass. If you plan all traveling in Switzerland on one day, look into the Swiss Half Fare Card. If an overnight stay is included, take a look at the Swiss Card.

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    Hi, we are holding a Swiss Pass do we still need to pay for the trip to Grindelwald and Jungfraujoch.
    And how do we get to Grindelwald from Interlaken West. thanks

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    13 May 2013 at 5:17:29 #838649

    Hello Alice,

    You can best download the map from the Swiss Pass page. It shows exactly what’s covered for free and what’s discounted. Trains from Interlaken West to Grindelwald, and all other trains, can be found in the timetable.

    Please note that your questions are not related to this topic. As asked in the forum rules, you can best open a topic of your own. Please do so for further questions. Thanks!

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