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5 day trip to Switzerland - Suggestions Please!!

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Apr 19, 2015 - 1:41 AM


Me and my wife are planning to visit Switzerland at the end of May this year. We want to see and enjoy both the mountain peak visits and picturesque valley and trails. This is our proposed itinerary:

21st MAY - Reach Zurich by early morning flight and leave for Lucerne/Luzern. Stay, take rest and do a boat tour to mt rigi etc.

22nd MAY - Visit Mt Pilatus come back to Lucerne and stay overnight

23rd MAY - check out and go to Montreux via golden pass line,Do sight seeing and come back to Interlaken and Stay overnight

24th MAY - Visit Jungrafuoch, Murene, Grindelwald etc - whole day trip come back to interlaken and stay overnight

25th MAY - Check out and go back to Zurich in the morning. Do city sightseeing ( Rhine falls- may be ) and stay overnight at Zurich ( near to airport ) OR Check out from interlaken and visit Thun, do sight seeing and go back to Zurich at night and stay overnight ( Skipping rhine falls )

26th MAY - Check out at early morning and take flight to Copenhagen

Stay > Lucerne-> 2 nights check in 21st May Check out 23rd May
Interlaken->2 nights check in 23rd May check out 25th May
Zurich->1 night check in 25th May and check out 26th May

Kindly suggest if this itinerary fits to our purpose and hopefully it would be too much hectic? Please advice whether we should change the itinerary and add something else to make this more appropriate like St. Moritz/Zermatt, Mt titlism Bern/Geneva visit etc. Also which pass will best suit us and would be cheaper ?

Thanks in advance.

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Apr 19, 2015 - 1:53 PM

Welcome to MySwissAlps, atanusmile! I think your itinerary is fine and not too hectic. The only thing you might reconsider is your planning for May 23. The Golden Pass line is absolutely beautiful, but it's a long trip from Lucerne to Montreux and back to Interlaken (please find details in the timetable). Instead, you could just travel to Interlaken by Golden Pass and do some local sightseeing. The Interlaken region is stunning and offers more than enough activities for days, even for weeks. Please find tips here.

If you focus on Zurich, the Lucerne region and the Interlaken region, a Swiss Half Fare Card probably suits your needs. But which pass is best can only be determined once you've finalized your itinerary. These tips may be of help.

We've listed hotels close to railway stations and airports:

Does this get you started?

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new member
May 16, 2015 - 8:44 PM in reply to Annika

Hi Annika,

Take a bow. You guys are doing a wonderful job to help people who are travelling to swiss with useful info and advice.

After a lot of research I have managed to come up with my final itinerary. It goes like this:

20th May: Reach Zurich at 22:00 hours and rest for the day. Can't help but that's the only flight I got within my budget!

21st: Roam around Zurich city only. May be visiting Üetliberg mountain, Zurich lake area and sub rubs. Any suggestions of what we should cover in Zurich ?

kinda confused between taking a 110 zone pass or taking a Zurich 24 hour card. Which one would be more convenient and budget friendly ?

22nd: From this day we have planned to use our Swiss travel pass valid for 4 days. We will first go to Lucerne and then take a golden round trip tour of Mount Pilatus. We are not intended to go for any hiking. All travel will be with transportation only.

23rd: Check out from Zurich in the morning and take Golden pass Tour to Interlakken. Change the train to Thun. Do sight seeing of Thun and in the afternoon go to Frutigen to check in at the guest hiouse and rest for the day.

24th: Visit Jungfraujoch from frutigen via interlaken and lauterbrunnen. Return via Grindelwald to Interlaken and roam around nearby places and then ultimately come back to Frutigen. Rest for the day.

25th: Check out from Frutigen and go to Montreux. Visit Chillion castle and roam around the places. Come back to Zurich from Montreux and take the flight back to Copenhagen at night.

Now I have 2 questions viz.:

1.Considering my itinerary swiss travel pass for 4 days is ok or should I go with the half fare pass ?

2. Do you see any places say Mt Pilatus/Jungfraujoch ( mentioned in my itinerary ) for which we should buy online tickets if necessary?

3. Do you recommend the site seeing of Thun ? Is it worthy or should we visit any other places on that day. May be going directly to Montreux via the golden pass line ?

Kindly suggest. Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


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May 17, 2015 - 9:40 AM

Thank you Atanu, glad we can help!

1. Yes, a 4 day Swiss Travel Pass would be a good fit for this itinerary.

2. No, you don't need any online tickets for the trips you've planned. You don't need Golden Pass bookings either. Only if you'd want to travel in the special VIP seats you should make reservations in advance.

3. If you plan to travel to Frutigen, it's worth to visit Thun on your way there. If you like the idea of a city visit, you could consider Bern too, but that would be a longer detour.

Some other notes on your schedule: Frutigen isn't the most obvious resort if you want to visit the Jungfraujoch. Interlaken or a nearby town would make more sense. Staying in Frutigen means you'll have to spend extra time on traveilng. And I do have some doubts about your last day. It's a really long trip all the way to Montreux and back to Zurich. It certainly can be done, but make sure to check the timetable and to leave early, in order to return to Zurich Airport in time for your flight.

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May 17, 2015 - 4:18 PM in reply to atanusmile

<<"21st: Roam around Zurich city only. May be visiting Üetliberg mountain,Zurich lake area and sub rubs. Any suggestions of what we should coverin Zurich ? kinda confused between taking a 110 zone pass ortaking a Zurich 24 hour card. Which one would be more convenient andbudget friendly ?"">>

Which pass depends on where you go.

I recall that Uetliberg is outside zone 110, for example.

The ticket machines can provide a very large and confusing variety of choices, with different zones and "added zones" on top of a single zone ticket. There is also a "9 hour or 9 o'clock" ticket which is valid from 0900 after the morning rush. In Zürich, there is almost always a map showing the zones beside the ticket vending machines. I recall that zone 110 will get you all the way around the lake. It is better to ask.

Once you have some idea where you will go, I would visit the Zürich City Tourist Office in Zürich Main Station.

www.zuerich.com/de/bes uchen/tourismus-buero in German

www.zuerich.com/en/vis it/tourist-service in English. ​

I think it was just relocated to the lower level of Shopville, in the new section, a hundred meters or so away from the railheads. Tell them where you want to go, and for what period of time, and they'll recommend the correct ticket/pass.

Check out -

www.myswissalps.com/zu rich​

I like to walk around the old city, on the west bank of the Limmat and up to the Lindenhof. The site of a Roman miltary camp, it overlooks the river and the east bank.

I like to eat at Uto Kulm restaurant on top of Uetliberg. Great views on a clear day.


Schaffhausen and the Rheinfalls are nice day trip. Schaffhausen is not a special tourist destination, although the falls are, but a walk up to the Munot ( old fortress) is interesting.

A boat ride to Rapperswil would be great for an afternoon if you were coming in from the USA and had a bad case of jet lag. Since you are in the same time zone, you don't have that problem, but Rapperswil is an attractive old city by the lake, easily reached by train, and, has been on the route of the Way of St. James for centuries. Lots of history.

www.myswitzerland.com/ en-us/rapperswil-jona .html​

Walks along either shore of the lake near Zürich itself are relaxing, and enjoyable. Nice gardens, restaurants.

There a couple of truly outstanding museums in Zürich and in Winterthur. If you are interested, I'll add details.

An unusual, attractive and impressive site is the grave of James Joyce, the famous Irish author.. The cemetery itself is a garden. Just beyond the end of the #6 tram route on Zürichberg, in the direction of the zoo. Zoo is small, and nice, but, not a major event.

map.geo.admin.ch/?X=24 8909.58&Y=684943.90&zo om=8&lang=en&topic=swi sstopo&bgLayer=ch.swisstopo.pixelkarte-fa rbe​

If you walk from that tram stop (end of route #6) along the Orellistrasse to the northwest, away from the zoo, you will have very nice view over the city and the lake on your left. To your right, in the forest, is the location of the Russian artllery batteries defending against Napoleon's troops in the Battle of Zürich.

There is a "Batteriestrasse" and, on one path a few meters from the road are battle maps and a short history of the battle. Note "Schlachtendenkmal" on the map.

You can also see Funicular Rigiblick (die Rigiblick Bahn). The tram stop does not show unless you zoom the map in all the way to the highest magnification, but it is close to the altitude indicator "609."

After you walk about 1 km, you go down the hill just a bit to the Rigiblick Bahn ( a funicular) which connects you with the tramlines in the city. There is a path with steps. Or, you can use paved roads. Look at the map.

Many tourists and city dwellers alike consider a meal at the Zeughauskeller ( on the edge of the old town at Paradeplatz) to be a fun thing to do.

www.zeughauskeller.ch/ en/home​

The food is good - Swiss german fare , and the prices are not high by Zürich standards. The atmosphere inside the old armory hall is "gemütlich" as the Germans say. The restaurant fills up in the early evening, but the lines move quickly, and if you get there for lunch, during the afternoon, or before about 1830, there is usually not much of a wait.


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