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The city of Lausanne

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Must knows about Lausanne

  • Lausanne is not in the Alps.
  • The historical town center of Lausanne sits on a hill and offers views of Lake Geneva and the mountains in the distance.
  • The district of Ouchy is about 125 m lower and prettily situated on the lake.
  • Navigation is hard for first-time visitors, so do not drive but use public transport.
Lausanne Cathedral

The medieval Notre Dame Cathedral in Lausanne.

About Lausanne

Lausanne is one of the largest cities in Switzerland. It's on the boundary of the western and the eastern part of Lake Geneva. The pretty historical town center sits on a hill, 125 m above the lake. Another major tourist attraction is the lakeside district of Ouchy.


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Facts about Lausanne

Why stay in Lausanne?

French speaking Lausanne is one of the largest cities in Switzerland, and an attractive one if you like city trips and nightlife. There are plenty of fine hotels, shops, restaurants and museums.

Ouchy, the lower part of the city, sits on Lake Geneva. You'll find the historical town center on a hill, offering various views of the lake and the mountains.

Why not stay in Lausanne?

The city is not in the Alps, but day trips to the mountains, the Lavaux vineyards and Geneva are perfectly doable from here.

If you want to stay closer to the mountains, or prefer a smaller town, then consider to base yourself more to the east, in Montreux for example.

What not to miss during your stay

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Lausanne in winter

Lausanne is an attractive destination in late November and December. You can enjoy Christmas shopping in the decorated old town and watch the artistic light shows projected on buildings. There’s a Christmas market in town. Other Christmas markets are available in nearby Montreux and Yverdon-les-Bains.

Lausanne is at low altitude and in a mild climate zone. Don’t expect snow in winter. You’ll have to travel to reach ski areas. The one closest to Lausanne is Les Paccots above Vevey. Other options are Leysin (about 1h10 by train) and Glacier 3000 (about 2h15).

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