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All about Swiss chocolate

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Must knows about Swiss chocolate

  • you can visit several chocolate factories, museums and exhibitions throughout the country;
  • we highly recommend a visit to one of the many specialized Swiss chocolate shops;
  • if you’re on a budget, you can treat yourself with a selection of chocolate bars, widely available in any Swiss supermarket.
Bars of Swiss chocolate

Bars of Swiss Cailler chocolate.

Discover Switzerland’s chocolates

Chocolate is one of those Swiss delicacies you shouldn’t miss. There’s a wide range of activities to choose from, ranging from multi-media museum tours to simple shopping trips in a nearby supermarket. Whether or not you’re a chocolate fan yourself, it’s interesting to learn about this typically Swiss product. Moreover, museum visits or shopping trips make for nice activities on bad weather days.

Visit chocolate museums and factories

Many of the larger Swiss chocolate brands allow visitors to learn about their manufacturing process and products with museums, exhibitions, (outlet) stores, workshops and other chocolate activities. The main ones are:

  • Maison Cailler in Broc. There’s an interesting multi-media museum tour. On top of that, you can see part of the factory, enjoy free sample tasting and try even more products from the confectionery and the shop. Several chocolate-making workshops are available too;
  • the Lindt Experience in the Museum of Transport in Lucerne. This is an educational and fun attraction with some tasting of the famous round Lindor truffles. You can visit the Lindt shop as well;
  • the Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg near Zurich, which is expected to open in 2020. This brand new building will host the world’s largest Lindt shop, a huge chocolate fountain, a chocolateria for workshops and a large interactive exhibition;
  • Aeschbach Chocowelt in Root near Lucerne, which is a fun activity for the entire family. You’ll learn about the chocolate making process, watch chocolatiers from up close, and you can create your personalized chocolate bar choosing from many ingredients;
  • the Frey visitor centre in Buchs in the canton of Aargau, allowing visitors to mould their own customized chocolate bar, taste products in the cafe and shop in the boutique;
  • Maestrani’s Chocolarium in Flawil, where products of the Munz and Minor chocolate brands are manufactured. It offers a discovery tour and range of courses for visitors of all ages;
  • Läderach, with chocolate showrooms in Vevey and Zurich for workshops and tasting sessions, a chocolate experience in Bilten with guided tours and an exhibition, and a tour in the factory in Ennenda near Glarus;
  • the Felchlin factory shop in Ibach/Schwyz;
  • the Kambly Experience: a visitor centre and a huge shop, offering regular and outlet products, connected to the Kambly factory. Kambly produces all sorts of cookies, sweets and savory snacks and isn’t an actual chocolate brand. We still think it deserves being listed here, as chocolate lovers may appreciate cookies too.

Shop in specialized chocolate stores

You’ll encounter lots of specialized chocolate shops and boutiques in larger Swiss towns, so chocolate lovers can plan their own shopping tour. The list presented here is definitely not exhaustive, but includes some of the more prominent shops. The ones below are available on several locations throughout Switzerland:

  • Läderach, which is pricey and exquisite, but absolutely worth it. Tip: buy a package with a sample selection of small chocolate plate parts in Läderach's several delicious flavors. You’ll find shops in larger towns throughout the country;
  • Lindt, to be found on several tourist hotspots such as the Museum of Transport in Lucerne and up at Jungfraujoch, as well as in the towns of Kilchberg, Altdorf, Olten and Basel. Their shiny round Lindor truffles in many flavors are highly recommended;
  • Sprüngli, with beautiful shops to be found on many locations in Zurich and in a few other larger cities lake Basel, Bern and Geneva.

Here are some tips per town:

Find chocolate products in supermarkets

You’ll find many chocolate products in any Swiss supermarket, from high-end truffles to affordable private-label bars. On top of that, there may be locally and regionally produced chocolates. For genuine lovers, a shopping trip in supermarkets is a delight in itself. The flat bars make for excellent souvenirs as well, as most of them can be kept for months. Mind that Swiss chocolate can be found in other products too, such as cookies, cakes and ice creams.

Apart from the major brands like Lindt, Cailler and Frey, these are some of the other brands you may encounter:

  • Toblerone, which is famous for its mountain-shaped bars with the iconic Matterhorn painted on the package. The yellow bars are best-known, and consist of milk chocolate with honey and almonds. Tip: break the individual chocolate triangle tops by pushing them towards the inside (in the direction of the adjacent triangle) rather than to the outside!
  • Milkboy, available in Switzerland and the US. They offer bars in several flavors, both traditional as well as some exclusive ones;
  • Munz, creating crunchy bars with a cookie, caramel or fruit core and a chocolate layer;
  • Minor, offering regular and soft chocolate bars, mostly with hazelnuts;
  • Gottlieber, mostly known for its “Hüppen”: thin, crepe-like cookie rolls filled with chocolate or gourmet cream;
  • Ragusa, presenting soft chocolate bars with hazelnuts and almonds;
  • Villars, from the canton of Fribourg. Their range includes biological chocolate and liqueur bars;
  • Torino, one of the brands offering blond chocolate, which consists of caramelized white chocolate.

Explore vegan chocolate options

Many Swiss chocolate products include Swiss dairy, and are therefore not vegan. There are certainly options though:

  • many dark chocolate bars are vegan. Check the ingredients to make sure;
  • look for biological supermarkets (in German: ‘Reformhaüser’ or ‘Bioläden’). Examples are ‘Alnatura’ and ‘Portanatura’. A larger selection of lactose free and vegan chocolates can be found there. You can locate such stores at www.biopartner.ch;
  • most larger supermarkets offer at least some vegan brands and products. Look for ‘Veganz’ when shopping in Coop supermarkets for example, and for ‘Bio’ and ‘Alnatura’ in Migros stores;
  • order from this Swiss Schoccolatta webshop, offering raw and vegan Swiss chocolates.

Order Swiss chocolate online

Can’t wait to have some Swiss chocolate at home? A few webshops allow for international shipping of chocolate products. Shipping options and costs differ per shop, so check the terms and conditions first. Some examples are:

Enjoy the Chocolate Train

Maison Cailler can also be visited by Chocolate Train. This is a fully arranged train and bus trip from Montreux to the chocolate factory in Broc and the cheese factory near Gruyères.

Participate in guided chocolate tours

A guide can teach you a whole lot about Swiss chocolate. You can book several guided chocolate tasting tours. Please find options below.


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Maison Cailler

This chocolate factory and multi-media museum allows visitors to learn about the making of delicious Swiss chocolate.


Chocolate Train

Enjoy a one day train and bus trip from Montreux, visiting the cheese and chocolate factories near Gruyères.

  • Attraction type: culinary tour, cheese;
    culinary tour, chocolate;
    scenic trip, by train;
    scenic trip, by bus
  • Escort: independent (no guide)
  • Region: Montreux (South-West Switzerland)
  • Duration: 1 day or less

Geneva walking tour and chocolate tasting

This 3 hour guided walking tour takes you to the old town center, along the best chocolateries, and on a short boat trip across the lake.

Details & prices

Zurich tour with boat ride and Lindt chocolate factory outlet

The tour starts with a coach ride in the center of Zurich. You'll then board the Dolderbahn cogwheel train for a short ride to a viewpoint. The tour then continues on foot and on a boat to see Lake Zurich. The next stop is the chocolate factory outlet, before taking the coach back to the city.

Details & prices
  • Attraction type: culinary tour, chocolate;
    city tour
  • Escort: guide
  • Region: Zurich (Region Zurich)
  • Duration: 1 day or less
  • Details & booking: Viator.com

Small group mountain, cheese & chocolate tour from Zurich

Your day trip starts with a short city tour of Zurich. Then, the bus continues to the countryside for a visit to the Lindt chocolate outlet store, the Appenzeller show dairy and the cable car to the Hoher Kasten for great views. A full day of experiencing Switzerland!

Details & prices
  • Attraction type: culinary tour, cheese;
    scenic trip;
    natural site;
    city tour;
    culinary tour, chocolate
  • Escort: guide
  • Region: Zurich (Region Zurich)
  • Duration: 1 day or less
  • Details & booking: Viator.com
  • More ways to book: Klook Worldwide

Full day trip to medieval Gruyères and chocolate factory from Geneva

After a scenic bus ride you'll arrive in the medieval tiny town of Gruyères to admire the castle and the ancient houses. Visits to the Maison Cailler and the cheese factory are included too, and you'll have time to explore Gruyères on your own and have lunch.

Details & prices
  • Attraction type: culinary tour, cheese;
    culture, museum;
    culinary tour, chocolate;
    scenic trip, by bus
  • Escort: guide
  • Region: Geneva (South-West Switzerland)
  • Duration: 1 day or less
  • Details & booking: Viator.com

Swiss cheese, chocolate and the Golden Pass train from Geneva

This varied day trip from Geneva includes a bus ride along the lake to the medieval town of Gruyères, visits to the cheese and chocolate factory, and a scenic ride with the Golden Pass train.

Details & prices

Swiss cheese, chocolate and the Golden Pass train from Lausanne

This varied day trip from Lausanne includes a bus ride along the lake to the medieval town of Gruyères, visits to the cheese and chocolate factory, and a scenic ride with the Golden Pass train.

Details & prices

2.5-hour small-group chocolate tour in Zurich

This is a must if you love chocolate: a 2.5 hour small-group walking tour in Zurich, along various chocolate shops in the historical old town center. Guidance of a food expert and tasting the products are included.

Details & prices
  • Attraction type: culinary tour, chocolate;
    city tour
  • Escort: guide
  • Region: Zurich (Region Zurich)
  • Duration: 1 day or less
  • Details & booking: Viator.com

Rhine Falls, Zurich, Lindt Chocolate and Stein am Rhein in one day

Chris and his team receive perfect customer reviews. They will for sure offer you a comfortable day full of Swiss highlights. A private guide will pick you up anywhere in the Zurich/Lucerne area to show you the Rhine Falls, Zurich, medieval Stein am Rhein and lots of Lindt chocolate.

Details & prices

Insider tips about Swiss chocolate

  • if you have a sweet tooth, you should definitely try blond chocolate (caramelized white chocolate);
  • the ‘Prix Garantie Swiss Rock’ from Coop supermarkets is a tasty alternative to the more expensive Toblerone;
  • discount chocolate shopping can be done in stores like Denner, Lidl and Aldi. If you’re specifically looking for Swiss chocolate, do check the origin of products. Find more budget tips here;
  • products in outlet stores, such as the Lindt store in Kilchberg, can be cheaper than in regular stores, due to special offers or factory leftovers.
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